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Archives Partially Re-open
Posted by Magnus on 10 November 2001, 15:50 GMT


As our screening progresses, we have now created the scripts and programs we need to open our archives section by section, as they are screened. Right now, this means the Windows, DOS and TI-86 sections. An up to date list of which sections are open and which are still down will be available on our front page at all times. Sections that are down will result in a "403 Permission Denied" error from the server.

For the time being, only http (web) access will be open to the archives. Ftp will be added back on at a later date.

We have removed several programs from our archives in the screened sections. Our focus right now is on getting the archives back online, so we may in a few cases have removed programs that should not be removed. These uncertain cases will be reviewed once we have completed the screening of the rest of our archives. Feel free to report any such program to webmaster@ticalc.org, and we'll add it to our queue.

Once again, we are sorry for the trouble caused by this.

Update (Magnus): TI-83Plus and BeOS sections are now also opened.


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Re: Archives Partially Re-open
Brad Achorn  Account Info


     10 November 2001, 22:47 GMT

File Ranking
Peter Martijn Kuipers  Account Info

Will the file ranking start from zero again for all files, once it's re-implemented, or will they continue with their original download counts?
Might be nice to get a new view of the download stats, without having old files ranked high (in top 10), just because they're around for so long....

     10 November 2001, 23:24 GMT

Re: File Ranking
lord_nightrose Account Info
(Web Page)

I think they should all be reset. It would be interesting to see how well the old files do compared to the newer ones.

     11 November 2001, 01:51 GMT

Re: Archives Partially Re-open
mr_beans_cool  Account Info

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

I've needed programs for so long. I had fun going to sites like shiar.org, and chattin at Macross2000.org, and checking out all of the other sites.

My view towards people with an 89, is that it will probably take the longest to check, since it actually had porn and all that. Tons of files to check.

     11 November 2001, 00:20 GMT

Re: Re: Archives Partially Re-open
rob_squared  Account Info
(Web Page)

Yep. Nothing scared the hell out of me more than seeing one of my geekey friends try to show me greyscale porn on his calc. If someone needs porn that much then they have a psychological issue.

     11 November 2001, 05:14 GMT

Re: Archives Partially Re-open

If the archives are open for a certain calculator does that mean that new files can be added to it, while your still screening the other calcs?

     11 November 2001, 01:17 GMT

Re: Archives Partially Re-open

oh man, THANK YOU. i have a ti-83 plus. im so happy

     11 November 2001, 03:59 GMT

Re: Archives Partially Re-open
Nick Johnston  Account Info

Opening up sections of the archive at a time sounds like a familiar idea...yeah, mine!

     11 November 2001, 04:59 GMT

Re: Archives Partially Re-open
shockedslk  Account Info

OK. What did you people find? like poronographic, anit-muslum, etc? Not so important but i would like to know. This site is great and i hope to see the whole thing up and running real soon. Thanx. And by the way i think i have the 456th comment! yah! oh my life is sad!

     11 November 2001, 07:18 GMT

Dudes comment above(?).
Chickendude  Account Info

I don't think you got the 456th comment...
LAST POST!!!! ( until some makes another :( )

     12 November 2001, 20:50 GMT

Re: Archives Partially Re-open
vektrone  Account Info

great job opening the archives (partially) again. but i found one little inconsequential problem: you can't view the text files and readmes in the .zip files. just thought i'd let you know.

     11 November 2001, 16:49 GMT

Re: Archives Partially Re-open
Sebastian Reichelt  Account Info
(Web Page)

Is it just me, or does the file archive status show up twice on the front page?

     11 November 2001, 20:34 GMT

Re: Re: Archives Partially Re-open
DWedit  Account Info
(Web Page)

same here!

     11 November 2001, 21:34 GMT

That's right!
Nathan Haines  Account Info
(Web Page)

Yep, it's by design. It's at top and bottom of our news, just to make it extra-conspicuous.

     12 November 2001, 13:17 GMT

Re: That's right!
DWedit  Account Info
(Web Page)

It's on TWICE on top with me...

     12 November 2001, 22:23 GMT

Re: Re: That's right!
Sebastian Reichelt  Account Info
(Web Page)

Oh, I see, it's probably a problem with the handler for the settings. I guess it will happen if you have file archives on top and news at the bottom (like me).

     12 November 2001, 23:02 GMT

Re: Archives Partially Re-open
dOmO  Account Info
(Web Page)

why don't you make a new lay-out in the database where you can sort the programs on date etc... it would be very good!

     12 November 2001, 09:10 GMT

Re: Re: Archives Partially Re-open
Magnus Hagander  Account Info
(Web Page)

Click the "Date" header in the file list. It's been there quite a while.

     12 November 2001, 21:34 GMT

Re: Archives Partially Re-open
Brad Denning  Account Info

Remember back on April first when Calc.org, aka The OTHER calc page, made a false TiCalc.org? Well in case you don't they did. The most popular downloads, as they put it, were Pamela Anderson pics. Unless you never figured out how to transfers files to and from you calc you would know that these, until now, existed.
Just because TI makes a big stink abouty something doesn't mean that it is wrong. What ever happen to freedom of speech. Well that is my opoion.

Brad Denning

     14 November 2001, 00:00 GMT

Re: Re: Archives Partially Re-open
saggitar710  Account Info
(Web Page)

someone wanna pat this man on the back?

     14 November 2001, 03:27 GMT

Re: Re: Archives Partially Re-open
saggitar710  Account Info
(Web Page)

hey, isn't it funny how now that this most intelligent man has pointed that out, the april fool's ticalc.org page seems to be... *gasp!* it's GONE!

theyre hiding something... and I wonder how long this message'll be allowed to stay up...

     14 November 2001, 03:44 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Archives Partially Re-open
DWedit  Account Info
(Web Page)

what are you talking about? http://calc.org/apr1 still works!

     14 November 2001, 09:28 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Archives Partially Re-open
Brad Denning  Account Info

As for them deleting my comment they can't. I didn't violate any of the rules which they plainly stated when trying to replt to a comment. The Calc.org version of TiCalc.org is still open I just looked at it. I didn't mean to come off as a porn fiend, but that was the only file I could think of a the moment. There is a RPG that uses adult language for the 82 and I believe a port for the 83+. That game was hailed as one of the greasted TI RPGs yet. If this site and TI were seperate, why try to combine them. Obvouisly TI people have been finding this site for years without the use of a cd.

     14 November 2001, 17:44 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Archives Partially Re-open
saggitar710  Account Info
(Web Page)

ok, ok, i just checked it and it does work... but when i originally posted it it didnt...

but it's no surprise to ticalc that there were files in the archive that were 'indecent.' ooh, i bet they told ti that they were appaled to find this out or some crap like that.

     15 November 2001, 21:02 GMT

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