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ticalc.org Downtime
Posted by ticalc.org on 26 October 2001, 17:21 GMT

To our users,

We apologize for the downtime in the past week and the resulting inconvenience. We are now pleased to reopen all areas of the site apart from the file archives, which we expect to bring back as well as soon as we have completed a review to remove potentially inappropriate material. Unfortunately, we haven't set a date for bringing the archives back up, but we will post more details once we have a better estimate. Please bear with us -- our archives are extensive and the review will take time. If there is any area where our visitors can be of help, we will post more information.

Despite rumors to the contrary, we have received no threats or demands requesting we close our file archives. This is a decision made by our staff in the best interest of the site's future. This is also a move we take seriously, as we are aware that our users have come to rely on the availability of our archives.

Until our archives return, we invite you to try those of other sites linked from our front page and Community section. Authors of our hosted sites whose links are affected by the closure of our archives can email us at hosting@ticalc.org for assistance. Thanks for your continuing patience,

the ticalc.org staff


The comments below are written by ticalc.org visitors. Their views are not necessarily those of ticalc.org, and ticalc.org takes no responsibility for their content.

Re: ticalc.org Downtime
Noll  Account Info

I have the free CD sent to me from TI. I wonder if anyone knows the nature of this "inapproiate content." I am interested in seeing what it is to cause such a fuss.

     26 October 2001, 18:09 GMT

ticalc.org Downtime
Stijn Arnauts  Account Info

Yeah, I'm curious as to the nature of the EEEEEEEEVIL files too. :)
I have some portion of Ticalc downloaded on my computer, and it would be nice to check it out myself.
Could you (Ticalc) please give us the filenames of (one of) the EEEEEEEEEVIL files ?

     26 October 2001, 19:23 GMT

Re: ticalc.org Downtime
Robert Maresh  Account Info
(Web Page)

Someone told me of a bad file on the ticalc.org CD. When I looked on my particular CD, the place where the file was supposed to be was an empty directory...Possibly, the ticalc.org CD sent through the mail had better screened CD?

     27 October 2001, 05:02 GMT

Re: Re: ticalc.org Downtime
jtjdt  Account Info
(Web Page)

Just a few bad words and naked images like in the file Pendu
which I would give an R rating for Strong Sexual Content and Language but it's in French but most of the Words are in English like starcraft for example.

The game is a hangman game.
The startup screen where it shows the credits of who designed the game has a few inappropriate images. But I don't see why anybody would even care.


     29 October 2001, 06:08 GMT

Re: Re: ticalc.org Downtime
Michael Pierce  Account Info

I received this information from the people who respond to e-mail sent to TI:

We are recalling the ticalc.org CD, because it contains descriptions of violence, strong language, use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco, mature sexual themes and some cartoon-like graphics. This content
was not created by TI,and is inconsistent with our moral and ethical standards, which is why we are collecting the CD for documentation and disposal.

This is still rather vague but it does give a better idea of exactly what TI was offended by.

     27 October 2001, 08:08 GMT

Re: Re: Re: ticalc.org Downtime
(Web Page)

Well what the hell do you expect when you have a lot of little horny wannabe programmers going around making ascii porn games? I mean damn. When you get down to it (according to the above) there's hardly a game on this site that doesn't symbolize at least one "immoral" value. I think it's pretty damn funny that PROBABLY some parent purchased this package for his/her kid and then bitched and threatened to sue TI for vulgar content. It just goes to show, though, what happens when you dedicate a large portion of your time to programming (or running a website) on a machine that is considered "uncool" by the majority of the world.

     27 October 2001, 20:59 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: ticalc.org Downtime
Peter Martijn Kuipers  Account Info

I don't agree, games like tetris and nibbles, diamonds, breakout, should I go on?,
are perfectly fine. Those are the cames that should
have been on the cd, not some stupid basic ascii porn games. I opt for deleting those!

     28 October 2001, 07:43 GMT

Re: Re: Re: ticalc.org Downtime
xX_ZoMBiE_Xx  Account Info
(Web Page)

they were offended by cartoon like images? thats... odd

     29 October 2001, 20:26 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: ticalc.org Downtime
lord_nightrose Account Info
(Web Page)

I agree... unless, of course, they mean 'images similar to copyrighted cartoons', in which case they did it for legal reasons.

     30 October 2001, 21:52 GMT

Re: ticalc.org Downtime
Nathan Walters  Account Info

It's too bad that the CD inadvertantly contained inappropriate content. I thought it was a good idea. The following is just an observation, and not flamebait. A couple years ago, it seemed that Ticalc.org was at it's peak. We all visited the site a few times a day, and learned alot. I hardly ever payed attention to the archives, unless it was to get the newest game. Most of the attention of the site was directed toward the news. It was updated alot. It's a shame though to see Ticalc.org after its prime. I think we should all try to get the site up to what someone once called in a post, "portal status." The main focus of the site shouldn't be a warehouse of programs. It should be that of news. Interesting developments in assembly, etc. Maybe if TI comes out with a new calculator, the site will boost up to this again.


     26 October 2001, 19:43 GMT

Re: Re: ticalc.org Downtime
Kenneth Johnson  Account Info

long live NickD

     27 October 2001, 03:49 GMT

Re: Re: Re: ticalc.org Downtime
Nick Disabato  Account Info
(Web Page)

Where the heck did *that* come from? :P

     1 November 2001, 16:27 GMT

Re: ticalc.org Downtime
David  Account Info
(Web Page)

Yea, half the reason I come here is for the news... I don't care too much about playing games on my calculator, but I sometimes take advantage of other math programs people have posted. I love the calculator's ability to allow you to program in functionality that isn't normally included. It's a shame that people would upload trash like this. It's a dream, but here's what I would like to see:

An archive that is entirely void of poorly made/buggy programs. How? Each person (with an account) would be able to vote on the quality of a program. There could then be a filter option to hide poor quality programs. I know that a number guessing game might be an accomplishment for a beginning programmer, but I really don't need to see it. That's just my opinion though, and of course we want the archives to offer a large variety to choose from. Just my thoughts.

I think their decision to close their archives is a very responsible one. TI has had to recall a lot of CDís because of this, and they have even stopped linking to TICalc.org from their site. Hopefully once they are satisfied with the quality of the files here they might change that, and maybe even work with them to create another CD some time in the future. If closing the archives is what it takes to fix this, it is well worth the wait.

     27 October 2001, 05:06 GMT

Re: Re: ticalc.org Downtime

<<here's what I would like to see:

An archive that is entirely void of poorly made/buggy programs.>>

This would be hard, mainly because we would need permission from the authors (it is even impossible to contact some authors). The only way would be to create a separate area here at ticalc.org itself.

     28 October 2001, 04:14 GMT

Re: ticalc.org Downtime
rob_squared  Account Info
(Web Page)

This really sucks. Sorry to hear about the cd recall and the fact that TI removed their link to you from their website. I just home that the archives are up within the next month or so, I really need "Custom menu wizard" for the 89 and I can't find it anywhere. I spent over two hours looking for it using various search engines and web rings. Its amazing that anarchy ensues when you have to close the site down.

     26 October 2001, 20:07 GMT

Re: Re: ticalc.org Downtime
GavinO  Account Info
(Web Page)

For custom programs on the 89, you write a BASIC program:

Title "Games"
Item "am()"
Item "c2c()"
Item "ticstart()"
Title "Length"
Item "_m"
Item "_ft"
Item "_mi"
Title "6.023E23"
Title "Speed"
Item "_m/_s"
Item "_mi/_hr"

A Title with no following Item's will simply paste its text, so Title "6.023E23" will paste Avagadro's Number. The Item's will just paste their text to the CLI. You run the BASIC program to make the menu, then again after RAM wipes, etc. I strongly recommend archiving it.

     26 October 2001, 20:58 GMT

Re: ticalc.org Downtime
David  Account Info
(Web Page)

If you frequently change your custom menu, I suggest that you also add an item that runs the program you made. That way all you have to do to refresh your custom menu is run that item from the menu. There are a number of custom menu editors that try to help you manage the custom menu. I thought that Custom Menu Wizard was one of the better ones, but all of them place an annoying restriction on the size of your custom menu (for example, 5 menus with 10 items or whatever). I finally just programmed my own editor that didn't have any restrictions on it and have been using that one (I thought that the editor needed to provide the same flexibility that you would normally have if you were programming it like GavinO suggested, which is also a good solution). If you really want my editor, check my link (you'll have to download Winace though [www.winace.com]). You may not like mine though because I've bundled it with some other programs. I've never tried to promote it before because I really only made it for myself and I wasn't sure about how others would like it.

     27 October 2001, 04:55 GMT

Re: Re: ticalc.org Downtime
John Wyrwas  Account Info

must have been pimpquest and hicquest?

     26 October 2001, 23:15 GMT

New CD?
Justin B  Account Info
(Web Page)

So is TI anticipating releasing a new version of the CD? Or is the project over?

     26 October 2001, 21:38 GMT

Re: New CD?

I really doubt that TI is really going to put up with more of this. Their TI-"Fun Pack" is "fun" mostly from the fact that it DID include a CD from Ticalc, and that CD has most of the better games in it becuase if you ever visit TI's very small games section, you would be amazed at what little and cruddy content they actually have. If you read their website, they included a complete recall, in which they recalled everything from everyone for a complete refund, resualting in, what seems to be, quite a loss. I was shocked to find that the ticalc CD was the culprit for the happening. Perhaps, this endevor of a joint CD may happen again in the distant future, perhaps.

I, personally, would like to know what EXACTLY was the problem with the CD, and what EXACTLY were these "inappropriate materials" I reviewed the CD top to bottom, and of course, I probably missed some files, but I did not find a single thing offensive, or of adult nature, or "inappropriate" in general. I think that this is a mass overexaggeration of a tiny situation.

I, as a contributer to the CD, recieved one myself, and I do not plan to mail it back, even if it was recalled. I am also very diaapointed at the tiny amount of content the CD has compared with the website. In the future, Ticalc should put a disclaimer on the file submission screen claiming that any works submitted may be used in CDs, and other distribution project unless the author specifically indicates that he/she does NOT want it to be distributed. This way, the content will be much more.

     27 October 2001, 03:26 GMT

Re: Re: New CD?
Konstantin Beliakov  Account Info
(Web Page)

Yeah, I'd also like to know what was that inapropriate content and why it was so inapropriate about it.

     27 October 2001, 06:10 GMT

Re: Re: New CD?
DHC015 Account Info
(Web Page)

As contributers, we probably can't return our CDs for a refund since we didn't pay for them.

     29 October 2001, 04:30 GMT

Re: Re: Re: New CD?
Konstantin Beliakov  Account Info
(Web Page)

Would you return your CD because of that TI crap? I wouldn't if I had one. I think that all this is bull!

     29 October 2001, 21:20 GMT

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