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New Filearchive Feature
Posted by Eric on 10 March 2001, 20:00 GMT

In an attempt to address the approximately 8932798235 people that email us wondering when their program is going to be posted to our archives, we've added a little new feature that will let authors know roughly how long their file will be in the pending queue.

On both our File Upload Form and our older File Claim Form, you will now be able to see if our current pending queue is low, moderate, or heavy. Hopefully this will let all our authors (and there are many) breathe a little easier when it sometimes takes a little while for their file to be posted.


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Re: New Filearchive Feature
S. G. Account Info

Are there really approximately three billion people more than the earth's population sending e-mails?

     12 March 2001, 04:00 GMT

Re: Re: New Filearchive Feature
Shiar  Account Info
(Web Page)

no, it says they receive that many mails, not that that many ppl are sending them :P

     12 March 2001, 16:12 GMT

Re: New Filearchive Feature
Shaun  Account Info

For all the people who posted above asking for real numbers, it may be within ticalc's powere but wouldn't be very good. In one second the number of pending files could change 20 times or more. So by the time you see the number it could become inaccurate. I think the low, moderate, and heavy is system is just right.

     12 March 2001, 08:55 GMT

Re: New Filearchive Feature
Philip Sugimoto Account Info

Would it be difficult to add a feature that would automatically email the author telling them when their files have been uploaded?

     12 March 2001, 14:34 GMT

Re: Re: New Filearchive Feature
floppy85  Account Info

I think that would be kool. then instead of coming back every day to check you just chech your e-mail
that would be the way to go.

     12 March 2001, 18:11 GMT

Re: Re: New Filearchive Feature
Julien Muchembled  Account Info

Yes ! This is really more interesting.
I don't think that low/moderate/heavy is accurate enough but more information like the place of each program in the queue would be harder to set up.

     13 March 2001, 02:03 GMT

Re: Re: Re: New Filearchive Feature
Alex Hoops  Account Info

I do agree that exactly what number in line your program is in would be nice, but we have to remember the reason that we pay these ppl:)... that is to process our games to make this webpage the best for all users. While they are making a counting system they could process tons of games, and if ppl would stop emailing them about when their games will get into the archives they could do a ton more. Thats my ten and a half pence

     13 March 2001, 03:33 GMT

Time for prog arrival on site
Sk8a4good  Account Info

How long will it take for a program to be posted with a HEAVY status.

     13 March 2001, 17:39 GMT

Re: Time for prog arrival on site
calcgenius  Account Info
(Web Page)

Alright! Now they're just confirming that it'll be three weeks until my prgms get posted.

     19 March 2001, 03:43 GMT
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