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TIMM v1.3.61 Released, Other Misc. Updates
Posted by Eric on 9 March 2001, 02:30 GMT

Okay, first things first: Frank Schoep has released a new version of TItanium MultiMedia, his movie generator for the TI-82, TI-83, TI-83+, and TI-86. It now supports different screen sizes, different file sizes, support for a couple new formats, and lots of visual enhancements. Nab it here.

Next: Romain Lievin, author of the the TiLP linking program (formerly known as GtkTiLink), is nearing a new release. However, he's looking for some translators to, yeah, you know, translate. It's in English and French already, so email him if you want to translate TiLP into other languages as well.

Finally, in case you're subscribed to the ticalc.org Newsletter and either received this month's copy late or perhaps not at all, it's because we encountered a couple hitches while migrating to the new mailinglist software (I'm not that slow...). It should be all good to go now, but the newsletter is posted at its usual spot if you haven't read it yet.


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Re: TIMM v1.3.61 Released, Other Misc. Updates
Pandrogas  Account Info
(Web Page)

I didn't know there was a newsletter! Course I'm the last to know anything, so it doeasn't matter. I read the letter and thought it was good. Now if we could come up with a language that can convert to ASM from a program. Hmm. What about a generic program for the PC that you could use to make ASM code and compile it on the calc?

     10 March 2001, 00:30 GMT

Re: Re: TIMM v1.3.61 Released, Other Misc. Updates
J22 Account Info
(Web Page)

>if we could come up with a language that can convert to ASM from a program

That's exactly how the C compiler works. The C compiler converts your C code into ASM. It has to, because ASM is the only language that the processor understands.

Technically, ASM must also be converted into machine language before it can be run. That's what the assembler does. Machine language is the actual code that the processor executes. Machine language is almost entirely unreadable by humans.

     11 March 2001, 00:02 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TIMM v1.3.61 Released, Other Misc. Updates
Pandrogas  Account Info
(Web Page)

Hmm. I wonder if we could put together a drag'n'drop editor that would allow us to place an element into a program onscreen (In ASII format) and have the corresponding commands show up. It would be a little like MS-Frontpage or an HTML editor. Because if some common tricks can be stuck in there, with some customizable macro actions, I think it wouldn't be too hard to prt it and compile it on the calc. But, it would be nice to try though, huh?

     11 March 2001, 22:20 GMT

Help Needed
Dryftco  Account Info
(Web Page)

Here at Dryftco, if we can retrieve a person who can manage Sprite Detail and Motion Zones, we would like you to help us with our Project, a Rainbow6/Doom Clone using the FAT SDK for the TI-89. Basically, we are CALLING ALL C PROGRAMMERS!!!!!! If you know that you can do ANYTHING like the info stated above, plz goto http://www.dryftco.org -or-
and post in the forums that you can help us. It would be greatly appreciated. We can do everything else, we just need help with Sprites and/or AI. This game is HIGH in demand and almost assures INSTANT FAME for whomever helps write/make it. Well, thats all for now, but if you would like to help, just go to our forums at
http://www.dryftco.org -or-

Thanx for reading this comment/consdiering this idea

     10 March 2001, 04:01 GMT

Re: Help Needed
Binky  Account Info
(Web Page)

Um what does this have to do with the main topic: TIMM, TIGCC, Newsletter? Sort of off-topic don't you think? :-)

-Sherman Cahal
http://www.dragg.net/binky (Mirror site for Cahal Tech)

     10 March 2001, 05:41 GMT

Re: Re: Help Needed
Dryftco  Account Info
(Web Page)

YEs it is a bit off topic, but every articale has off topics. We are in need of help and i figured that this has more reads than ANY other site on the net about Ti Calcs. Go Figure Why =P


     10 March 2001, 14:37 GMT
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