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TIMM for TI-83: Movies on Calculator?
Posted by Eric on 30 September 2000, 17:42 GMT

In what could be the most wacko thing to hit TI calculators since sliced bread (err, wait, that hasn't happened yet), Frank Schoep and Sherman Cahal have released TItanium MultiMedia (TIMM), a program for Windows which produces movies for the TI-83 by taking in a video file in any format your computer supports(mpeg, avi, mov, asf, divx, etc) and outputting a compiled TI-83 assembly program. Yes, that's right, movies on your calculator! Pretty nifty stuff.

Unforuntately, there's no grayscale, but TIMM is pretty interesting nevertheless. It includes compression of up to 85% of normal size, FPS control, and brightness control, among other features. Download it now, here.

Frank has also indicated that he'd welcome any help modifying the program to work with other calculators as well, so email him if you're interested.

Update (Eric): In case you were wondering, TIMM does not work yet on the Windows 2000 operating system due to an issue with devpac83. This will be resolved in the next release.


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Re: TIMM for TI-83: Movies on Calculator?
MAeslin  Account Info

I hope I'll get out on the 86 and 92 pretty soon...

Do you think you could make a movie run directly from the E-II (Expander-2)? That would be just plain incredible! (It has 512k RAM = much longuer movies)

     4 October 2000, 16:50 GMT
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