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Detached Solutions Releases MirageOS v1.0 for TI-83+
Posted by Eric on 26 July 2000, 08:13 GMT

MirageOS v1.0w00t. That's all I have to say. Wait, no it isn't. The newly formed Detached Solutions, made up of various members of the TCPA, has released both their new website and their long-awaited shell, MirageOS, for the TI-83+. What's so good about MirageOS, you ask? Well, for starters, it's a FLASH application. It contains a gargantuan number of features for both users and programmers, and supports both Assembly and BASIC programs. It even includes TI-82 emulation for Ash and CrASH.

You can download this uberleet shell here or visit its home page here. In addition, a huge number of ports and new programs for MirageOS have either been released or are currently in the works.

MirageOS contains a huge number of features that are quite revolutionary to TI calculators. A sampling of these is below:

  • MirageOS supports many different program formats, including MirageOS-specific, Ion, BASIC, TI-OS ASM, Ash, and CrASH. With MirageOS, you'll be able to run more of the programs you need from one shell.
  • MirageOS gives the option of many external interfaces. It provides four built-in GUIs, but you can also have a command line interface if you'd like too. This means that you can make MirageOS look however way you want it.
  • One of my personal favorites is the tasker interrupt, which allows MirageOS to perform many functions while Ion and MirageOS programs are executing. For example, you can use a hotkey to change the contrast, quit and save the game immediately (e.g. teacher key), speed up the game, and even take screenshots of programs.
  • MirageOS contains excellent documentation for both users and developers. You can view its user manual here and see its Developer Notes here.

These are just a sampling of the features included in MirageOS. As you can see, Detached Solutions has obviously spent a huge amount of time on this great new shell, so be sure to check it out ASAP. Also be sure to visit MirageOS's Home Page. Congratulations to Detached Solutions!


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Re: Detached Solutions Releases MirageOS v1.0 for TI-83+
Reno  Account Info

Is there something wrong with these forums? I swear I post a message, and I can never find it; I keep thinking I probably didn't hit post or something, and I keep writing the message but I don't think it ever gets posted...

     29 July 2000, 07:46 GMT

Re: Re: Detached Solutions Releases MirageOS v1.0 for TI-83+
Jason Kovacs  Account Info
(Web Page)

Its appearing on the next page of comments. If you didnt know about this change by ticalc, then you probably wont find this reply either. ah well...

Now for something on topic. Im glad the response to our shell has been mostly positive. I wish I could get some more feedback though, good and bad, so I know how much people appreciate mine and Dan's efforts, and to know the things that may need to be fixed/changed. Thanks...


     29 July 2000, 23:49 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Detached Solutions Releases MirageOS v1.0 for TI-83+
(Web Page)

Here's one little suggestion...
An option to arrange the folders, like you can with the programs.

     30 July 2000, 21:58 GMT

Re: Detached Solutions Releases MirageOS v1.0 for TI-83+
Hecatomb  Account Info
(Web Page)

Either way, I still don't feel right with the MirageOS writing to flash and I can't unarchive my programs because whenever I want to use the different interfaces the program crashes and freezes. Anything I can do to get it working?

     31 July 2000, 15:57 GMT

Re: Re: Detached Solutions Releases MirageOS v1.0 for TI-83+
Dan Englender Account Info
(Web Page)

Now I'm completely lost. I thought I had established in previous messages that MirageOS writes to Flash very little, *much* less than Ion if you have the proper options settings (disable write-back to flash).
As for crashing, when exactly is this crashing occuring?

     31 July 2000, 17:58 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Detached Solutions Releases MirageOS v1.0 for TI-83+
The_Great_Piccolo  Account Info
(Web Page)

It crashed on me when i tried to run a basic program, I had to take out/replace the batteries, then naturally my RAM was cleared. It crashed again when I tried to run the app again. So I did a total mem clear, and resent everything back to my calc. Now it seems to work fine.

Love that Anime ;)

     1 August 2000, 05:51 GMT

Re: Detached Solutions Releases MirageOS v1.0 for TI-83+
Kiros Lionheart  Account Info

Kudos to all who made this great app! One of my favorite features is the thingy that disables the MEM menu. My friends are always trying to reset my calc so I turned the option on and "accidentally" gave it to one of my friends and sure enough he tried to clear the mem and he's like "what the hell is going on?" and I started laughing maniacally.

The PW protection also kicks @$$. Before I had a BASIC program started by the startup app. You could still press ON to get out so that kinda sucked... Now I just start up MirageOS and power it down with the ON button.


     28 August 2000, 00:30 GMT

Re: Detached Solutions Releases MirageOS v1.0 for TI-83+

does anybody know if mirage has been linked to the ram being cleared (accidentaly) more often? cause it seems to be hapening to me more since I put it on. maybe it's something else...

     23 January 2001, 01:14 GMT

Re: Detached Solutions Releases MirageOS v1.0 for TI-83+
mcleodgaming  Account Info
(Web Page)

I was just wondering, if you make a BASIC program, can you get it to work for mirage? If it does, will it unarchive the program when it is archived?

     12 February 2003, 01:01 GMT
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