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French Programmers Depart, Flash Information Released
Posted by Nick on 10 July 2000, 22:01 GMT

Seemingly as disgusted with the general idiocy of the TI community as I am, several programmers have decided to make unceremonious departures from the scene. Clement Vasseur, as far as I know, has left. Also, an anonymous programmer by the name of Wormhole has left, but not without releasing most of his work. I have no idea whether or not any of it works, but he's successfully written his own ROM image. Yay! It doesn't do anything, but it's quite a good start. You can download Flash Information from our archives. Use at your own risk! I have no clue whether or not any of this works.

Update (Nick): ACKPTH!! Julien Muchembled is really staying in it for the long haul. He just ICQ'ed me, setting me straight. Sorry! :(


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Re: French Programmers Depart, Flash Information Released
Marcos Lopez  Account Info
(Web Page)

Phewww. God thanx Julien stayssss.

     11 July 2000, 02:05 GMT

Re: French Programmers Depart, Flash Information Released
JaggedFlame Account Info

Whew! Julien Muchembled leaving would really have been a Bad Thing (TM)...

     11 July 2000, 02:54 GMT

Re: French Programmers Depart, Flash Information Released
Joe Smith  Account Info

Could it be that they had graduated, found decent wage jobs that fulfil their technological curiosity, and now no longer give a *hoot* about calc's.

Seems like a good assumption.

     11 July 2000, 15:47 GMT

Re: Re: French Programmers Depart, Flash Information Released
Samir Ribic  Account Info
(Web Page)

Zeljko and me are employed on several working places, and we are both 32 years old, and both work on university, and study postgraduate studies, but still like to program for TI89, because it remind us to programming style for ZX Spectrum seventeen years ago.

However, we are not married.

     13 July 2000, 11:19 GMT

Re: French Programmers Depart, Flash Information Released
Clem  Account Info
(Web Page)

I'm leaving... I won't program anything for the public anymore. Message for my friends: click (web page).
Don't worry about TI-CAS, I will probably finish the asm section (by the end of the month maybe).

     11 July 2000, 18:59 GMT

Check this website out!
DWedit  Account Info
(Web Page)

Check out this website! LINK ABOVE!

     12 July 2000, 03:35 GMT

Re: French Programmers Depart, Flash Information Released
calcfreak901  Account Info
(Web Page)

Is nothing constant this year? The ti community is about to lose some of its most important members, including Nick Disabato.

A little advice: _NEVER_ think that your life is too boring. Once the ball drops, good luck relaxing at all. It dropped on me about 3 months ago and is still going.

     12 July 2000, 04:19 GMT

why take it to extremes?

why do you feel the need to post the fact that several people are leaving the community? I don't think it's necessary to *encourage* (the "c'mon guys, this sucks, I'm outta here, who's with me?" mentality) other programmers to leave just because you feel the community consists of a bunch of idiots. Stating your opinion of the general idiocy of the TI community was really childish and immature on /your/ part, I think. I tire of hearing you bitch and moan about how "my life sucks," and how bad people are treating you. Because you have a few people that harass you, somehow you feel the need to share that burden with the rest of us, like it's our problem. b00 h00. People come to ticalc.org to get updates on calculator programs and developments, not to hear you complain about some teenage groupies you've aquired whilst doing your job. It's a job like any other, man (though volunteer, yes, I realize). If you don't like it, step out of line and someone else will take your place.

In my own opinion you're doing a good job at keeping the news updated and such, and with a frequency (at most times) to be rivaled. Besides this, though, I personally (and I think I'm not alone here) think you speak of your personal life too much on ticalc.org. No one wants to hear about your latest high school drama -- save that stuff for your personal (that's what it's for, at any rate) site, nickd.org. Jokes and all are cool, don't get me wrong. Just please don't try to treat this site like it's your own online diary. That's all.

     12 July 2000, 08:41 GMT

Re: why take it to extremes?
Nathan Haines  Account Info
(Web Page)

I disagree. Several times before a group of programmers has left because of problems they've experienced by being prominent in the "community."

Almost all of the mail that we get is people harrassing us. I'm tired of opening up the support mail and getting people upset at our auto-reply because it didn't answer their question, or any of the other crap I occasionally get.

I think that a lot of people enjoy the personal nature of Nick's news posts. At the time he was hired, I was doing news and I coached him on what generally passes as newsworthy around here, and I never found a problem with his personal additions. It gives a certain sense of familiarity, I think, to have them. You're free to disagree, certainly, but I think you're making too big a deal about it.

I don't think I have the same personal writing style as Nick does, but I'll see what I can do to make news items interesting, in the event that I should resume posting news more often. But I think Nick's style works.

Lastly, programmers certainly have the right to announce that they are no longer serving the TI community any longer. It's better than waiting and wondering why your favorite program is no longer being updated (although it probably results in an unfortunate amount of spam for them--any spare asbestos, anyone?).

     12 July 2000, 11:52 GMT

Re: Re: why take it to extremes?
calcfreak901  Account Info
(Web Page)

Try a kevlar-nomex weave--it protects from bullets as well as fire.

     12 July 2000, 12:37 GMT

Re: why take it to extremes?
omotai  Account Info
(Web Page)

An Open Letter to Blue Calx

:In my opinion it is not the place of a person who has acted so consistently childishly in the ti-community to begin to lecture the rest of the community on its "general idiocy". I have always lived under the maxim that all generalizations are absurd, including this one. I would like to point out a few incidents: A few months ago Nick began a campaign on IRC that went like this, "Disagreement=BAN", I don't know if this his only way of communicating anger but I don't think its appropriate to administrate from a subjective view point. Your performance as a News manager also leaves me less than overwhelmed as you have a tendency to bitch and moan about too much news and tend to be cliquish and report the same programmers constantly. The ti community tends to focus far too much on what Holy Words come down from Blue Calx but I for one am sick of your constant bitching. I sympathize with you for the slew of death threats you have received, you do not deserve this nor does anyone. As for the onslaught of letters you have received concerning news, deal with it. Slashdot whom you Idolize, has had to learn to. So, I suggest you enlist some help. That thing with the runaway was quite shocking though. All celebrities deal with these things and I think its time you own up to the fact that you are a celebrity in this community. However you do continue to be a very tiring one. Its sad but if you are not able to handle this burden you really should give it up.

Enough people have had to deal with enough childish behavior to realize that your reaction to this will not ease the problem nor will it make a difference if you keep threatening to quit. Frankly, if this is the Nick DiSabato we will continue to see come September...I think you should give your two weeks.

I am sorry that the situation has gotten so bad I am forced to speak out.

     12 July 2000, 21:26 GMT

Re: Re: why take it to extremes?
Matty500  Account Info

ok guys, I've been reading all through these messages, and I'm sorry but I think well all have to feel for Nick a little, I mean i'm sorry but Nick was having a problem with a LOT of immature people. We've all got to remember that unlike TI, no one is paying any money for these programs, they're all free, and so is this site. I think that survey about "how old are you" really woke some people up. There are apparently a slew of immature people around, and Nick's had to put up with them, I mean who can blame him, a news article was the easist way to deal with the little brats. Now that they realize that their little pranks have really angered some people, and we're going to be running short on programmers, maybe they'll have sense enough to stop before all of the programmers quit. Bug reports are one thing, Complaining about a program is quite another. If you little brats are reading this, this is just a suggestion, but if you let the programmers know how much you like the game, as well as letting them know what you'd like to see in a new version, it makes the programmers feel a lot better

there, I've vented, now I feel MUCH better
we're really sorry nick, And with this guy's bit about everyone listens to bluecalx, I mean some of the stuff's funny, you really need to post the funny stuff under fake news, that way the "serious" people can sort it out, and the rest of us can enjoy it

     17 July 2000, 04:28 GMT

Re: Re: why take it to extremes?

Who do you think u r???

What the hell are u talking about... maybe some examples would help I mean do u no what this guy has 2 put up with I mean god do u no what this guy has to go through and you know what I think u r the one bitching off about stuff so shut your mouth and if u dont like Nick or anyone else who have literally worked their asses of at ticalc.org then u should crawl back under the hole where u came from because I dont see your website sponsored by ti's website and your website has not taken over a million request has it so if i were u i would shut up because u probably havent done a damn shit thing to help this website!!!!

Oh yeah... __ offense

Thats all

     17 July 2000, 23:52 GMT

Re: Re: Re: why take it to extremes?
Matty500  Account Info

AMEN brother!

     20 July 2000, 02:58 GMT

Re: French Programmers Depart, Flash Information Released
calcgenius  Account Info

I know the key to signatures,for it isn't a key at all.I hacked it using hexedit.exe.You can find it on the web somewhere.The location of the signature varies in places on different apps and is unique to each different apps(not copies of the same program,different apps).

     8 January 2001, 03:32 GMT
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