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TI-GCC Library v2.1, AUTOmatix 3D v0.01, Wormy v1.0
Posted by Nick on 27 June 2000, 22:33 GMT

Yesterday found me with innumerable updates and minor tweakings at some other site.
Because of this, here's some belated news!

Sebastian Reichelt, frequently known for correcting the poor German skills of the ticalc.org staff (despite the fact that Chris majors in German), has released a Lotus Turbo Challenge-esque program for the 89 called AUTOmatix 3D v0.01. For those who are concerned, source is also available. This program is in demo form right now, but it should be completed soon. It looks very good, even for being in an early stage.

TI-GCC Library v2.1 by Zeljko Juric is now out. Once again, I got the customary 10 page email from him (hint hint, programmers *g*) outlining, in detail, all the new features. Some of the more notable ones include nine major bugfixes, enhancements to the documentation, and a few minor tweaks to the compiler.

Sam Heald ported Wormy v1.0 to the 82. This is a port of Matt Shepcar's incredibly 31337 game. Aside from the *ahem* cryptic readme, this game is really good. Check it, yo!


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More Staff Wanted
Mark Fairpo  Account Info
(Web Page)

Remarking on the absence of Screenshots in recent file additions and news announcements. In its December survey, "What would you like to see added to ticalc.org?" 50% (inc. me) voted for More Screenshots (the remaining 50% for More Reviews, Articles, or Features, etc). I have a cunning plan. Ticalc can use people during validating file submissions!

Thus I won't be talking to a dumb machine every time I add to my file descriptions- "(Screenshot included)". This means my ZIP includes a GIF Screenshot that I want adding as well -- I think that's clear enough.

Possibly, ticalc already has Staff validating file submissions whom have some moral dilemma adding supplied Screenshots (or being instructed); in which case I shouldn't be writing this lest I upset their fragile little minds. Switch to sweet thoughts...

Libra: Your lucky Coffee this week is powdered Cappuccino.
Capricorn: Your lucky driver version this week is 1.02.03.
Cancer: Your unlucky Subject line this week is- "More Staff Wanted". DAMMIT! DAMMIT! DAMMIT.

(Screenshot not included)

     29 June 2000, 00:03 GMT

Re: More Staff Wanted
James!  Account Info

A screenshot uploader should be added to the file upload form! Or, at the very least, a checkbox indicating that screenshots are enclosed in the ZIP that should be added to the archive (this would be much more useful than the "Documentation included" checkbox). Every time I upload a file I wish I could add a screenshot, but I don't know how, and the file upload form doesn't say. I'm sure every person who clicks on my file would like to see a screenshot before they download it, but they can't. Both sides of the calculator community (programmers and users) want screenshots, all ticalc.org has to do is make it easy for programmers to add screenshots and they will!

     29 June 2000, 01:18 GMT

Re: Re: More Staff Wanted
Amalfi Marini  Account Info

yes, that's true. My program(Dynamic graph) is nothing without the screenshot, take a look at basic math programs you will understand...

     29 June 2000, 18:26 GMT

Re: Re: More Staff Wanted
Amalfi Marini  Account Info

Thinking about it, I think it's better to add a checkbox that activates the red logo that indicates that the file has screenshots. & THAT's all

     29 June 2000, 18:30 GMT

Re: Re: Re: More Staff Wanted
James!  Account Info

But some files have the screenshots embedded into the download page. This is much more convenient, because you don't even have to download the file to see what the game looks like. If the pictures are included in the ZIP, you have to download it before you can look at the pictures. What's the point in that? You might as well transfer the game to VTI and see for yourself, after it's already downloaded.

     29 June 2000, 19:39 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: More Staff Wanted
Sebastian Reichelt  Account Info
(Web Page)

If they are GIF files, you don't have to download the entire ZIP. But I think a screenshot upload function should definitely be added to the file upload form.

     29 June 2000, 19:41 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: More Staff Wanted
Amalfi Marini  Account Info

you're wrong, there are many programs with screenshots included inside the zip, and you don't have to download the entire zip, you just click on the gif/jgp file. That's because Ticalc unzips the zips to make the files list, and they create a link on some of them (readme files for example). that's the case of my prog for example, you can see the screenshot, it's included in the zip.

     30 June 2000, 06:33 GMT

Re: Re: More Staff Wanted
Mark Fairpo  Account Info
(Web Page)

My thanks to Andy Selle for his quick reply, which included- "Currently, a [ticalc] project has been embarked upon that will serve to create a facility that eases the hardship associated with screenshot included within archives ... I ask you to be patient as the implementation begins to unmask itself to the world. This may not be a quick process"

I guess this upgrade depends on other priorities of ticalc's site maintenance team.

     30 June 2000, 13:41 GMT

unrelated topic
WashBasin  Account Info
(Web Page)

hi i'm taking some java class and i need to know how to recursively store values from a fibonacci sequence into an array, and display the array...so far i have user input for which n value to go up to for the fibonacci sequence and i am able to display it but its not from an array so i need help to use arrays with this...thanks for your help =)

     29 June 2000, 01:28 GMT

Re: TI-GCC Library v2.1, AUTOmatix 3D v0.01, Wormy v1.0
TheWog Account Info
(Web Page)



That *really* takes some getting used to, but it's good, in a different sorta way... Great work!

Now if I could only get a score higher than 5...

How can you get dots on the edge?

     29 June 2000, 17:39 GMT

Re: Re: TI-GCC Library v2.1, AUTOmatix 3D v0.01, Wormy v1.0
Scott Noveck  Account Info
(Web Page)

I score 22 on the 83+ version - but, then again, I was a coauthor of the program =)

     29 June 2000, 23:18 GMT
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