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Pushem v1.1, CalcWire Stuff
Posted by Nick on 20 June 2000, 23:00 GMT

PushemOld stuff! I was supposed to make this mad post yesterday, but an emergency White Sox game outing (they won, 6-1, by the way) interrupted such a time-consuming activity.

Now that all that baseball-related action is out of the way, I can tell y'all that Matt Capucilli wrote an interesting game in 89 BASIC the other day called Pushem v1.1. Remember DStar? This is just like it, only with more freedom to move around and, erm, push blocks and stuff.

Also, CalcWire (whose newsletter is coming out the 25th) has been up to a lot of good recently, with the release of two completely 31337 programs. Xtreme Racing, a racing game, is available for Ion on the 83 and the 83 Plus. Painter, featuring four-color grayscale and various interesting/wacky painting tools, is now available for the 89. Download both of these: they look very nice for a group that's just beginning to get on its feet.


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Re: Pushem v1.1, CalcWire Stuff
Chris Moultrie  Account Info
(Web Page)

Hey, i know i'm stupid to begin with...but what did you mean here: "two completely 31337 programs" i don't get it...is it a reference to # of d/l's? Or something else....a movie or something...or is it just a normal typo? Just wonderin'....

     21 June 2000, 03:53 GMT

Re: Re: Pushem v1.1, CalcWire Stuff
Chris Moultrie  Account Info
(Web Page)

Oops...didn't comment on anything on the article...well, here goes. I'm not usually impressed w/basic programs...but this one takes the can of soup. (don't ask) Pushem is great! I suck at it...but that's not my fault...That's all my parents, not the glue *i swear*. Ne-way, paint sounds real cool and i'll try it l8er.

     21 June 2000, 04:01 GMT

Re: Re: Pushem v1.1, CalcWire Stuff

31337 is "haxor" (I don't remember where to capitalize, but hey, what're you gonna do?) for "eleet". I think.

     21 June 2000, 04:52 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Pushem v1.1, CalcWire Stuff
Jeff Meister  Account Info


- Jeff

     24 June 2000, 13:35 GMT

Re: Pushem v1.1, CalcWire Stuff
Aaron Peterson  Account Info
(Web Page)

this type of game reminds me of a favorite... that I have only seen on an Apple IIgs.

one has to push letters arround to form words. words dissapear.

There are also bombs, and imobile blocks. I'll have to check to see if I can barow code from this...

I probably won't get arround to it though... grrr.
so much stuff I want to do, and so little time.

     21 June 2000, 11:07 GMT
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