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Julien Muchembled Releases HW2Patch v2.10
Posted by Nick on 14 June 2000, 19:23 GMT

Julien Muchembled has released HW2Patch v2.10 for the 89 and the 92 Plus. This supresses the 8/24 Kb limitation by TI. It now works on all AMS versions; including 2.01, 2.03 and the new 2.04. A version of MaxMem that works under AMS v2.04 will be released as soon as final testing is completed.


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Re: Julien Muchembled Releases HW2Patch v2.10
Josh Alvarez  Account Info

Ok...I have a TI-89 ASM 2.05, i've been trying for weeks to get programs on my calc, and now that you've finally "found" something for it(HW2patch 2.10), you think that solved it all, well...not for me. It still says, "Not an ASM 2.1, 2.1, 2.3, 2.4 calculator" OK....write back! what am i suppost to do!!!!!

     21 October 2000, 21:41 GMT

Re: Re: Julien Muchembled Releases HW2Patch v2.10
AJ Alfieri-Crispin  Account Info

I also have the same problem. Any help here would be appreciated. Either to send my flash back to 2.04 or to get a new version of HW2Patch.

I cannot not use VTI which is one thing I really wanted to do.

Thanks alot from a very new citizen of the TI user community,

     3 November 2000, 20:07 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Julien Muchembled Releases HW2Patch v2.10
plutonium Account Info

I have the same problem with v. 2.05 of ams. First I had the problem with DoorsOS, and had to remove all batteries twice for the first time since i got the calculator, an 89 (tramatic experience, to say the least). then I got DoorsOS II v. 99 (pre-release). Then that needed HW2, too. then I tried to find a homepage for HW2, and ended up comming here. I just want to play some games. Why is everything so complicated? (that last question is rhetorical; no need to answer it:)).

     17 November 2001, 03:51 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Julien Muchembled Releases HW2Patch v2.10
greg ash  Account Info

I have the same problem. I have ams v.2.05.

I had 2 reset me calc and take out the batteries alot of times because i couldn't install dooros. Now that they have v.0.99 i tried to install it and it saiys must install hw2parch v.2.10. So i tried to do that and it said not ams v.2.01.....

Can you plase help me by emailing me the link to the new hw2patch (if u have 1) or directions on how 2 install it. Gregnyrfan@aol.com

     22 March 2002, 00:15 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Julien Muchembled Releases HW2Patch v2.10
Sarah Jane  Account Info
(Web Page)

the url is a link to where i found version 2.30 of HW2Patch.

     9 February 2004, 01:08 GMT
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