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68K Linux Ported to 89/92+?
Posted by Nick on 6 June 2000, 16:07 GMT

Resident Linux (guru/zealot) Henrik emailed me today with a link to some posts on the Linux kernel mailing list about porting the Linux kernel to the 89/92+. Some new topics have been addressed by many people in the Linux and Open Source communities, making things hopeful once again to see this OS ported over.


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Re: 68K Linux Ported to 89/92+?
Andrew Magness  Account Info
(Web Page)

Bah... this was a big hoax a few months ago... It's just not practical... Its not like we need the stability.... its a calculator... we dont need the power... we have a 16mhx processor... we dont need the purty X.... we have 160x160 (89) pixels and 4 shades of gray... Its just a calculator...

     6 June 2000, 17:30 GMT

Re: Re: 68K Linux Ported to 89/92+?
Faisal A  Account Info
(Web Page)

Your Mom.

I must agree with Nick on this one. It would be a great breakthrough in the calculator community and Open Source, proving once again Linux can be ported to yet another non-x86 architectural platform. Heck, they did it for my Palm, it would be a great feeling to know you have the ability to have it for the Ti-89. Anyone coming out with a BeOS graph-link program? Heck, school's out. Let me just learn the API and i'll try writing one.

     6 June 2000, 19:03 GMT

Re: Re: Re: 68K Linux Ported to 89/92+?
Andrew Magness  Account Info
(Web Page)

Linux for the PalmOS??? hah... if thats happened, i sure havent heard of it....

     7 June 2000, 05:33 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: 68K Linux Ported to 89/92+?
Jimmy Baker  Account Info
(Web Page)

YOU HAVEN'T HEARD OF IT!?!?! www.uclinux.com
I'm positive i've told you about it at one time or another...

     7 June 2000, 14:56 GMT

Anyone coming out with a BeOS graph-link program?
Romain LiĆ©vin  Account Info
(Web Page)

I developped a TI-PC linking program for Linux/Windows (GtkTiLink). As mmu_man says below, it uses the GTK toolkit and GTK has been ported on BeOs and GtkTiLink is POSIX compliant.
So, you could port GtkTiLink on BeOs. The only part to port is the lowlevel I/O access (hardware).
If you are interested by this work, feel free to mail me, I could give all informations you want.

     7 June 2000, 18:39 GMT

Re: Re: 68K Linux Ported to 89/92+?
Jimmy Baker  Account Info
(Web Page)

Sure, it's not practical, but sure as heck is COOL!!!
Just to claim that we can run Linux on our calcs is a BIG tribute to the people that have made ti great.. US!

     7 June 2000, 14:59 GMT

Re: 68K Linux Ported to 89/92+?
Amalfi Marini  Account Info

After 1000 emails I sent to 1000 linux worlds, asking a minilinux for my ti89 , then we got an answer. It's like close contact with The Third Kind, but it's ok anyway. Actually, linux can run in a 68k based machine, like the old Atari St and Apple mac. So, why not in a Ti89 that has almost the same capabilities of these machines ? Why sould I wait for a (ams2.03) prosit version ? It doesn't need to be a exactly the same as the real 68k-linux, I want something like prosit, then, porting programs to it, and that's all. Maybe we don't need a gaphical interface.
TI89-linux, then tell this to our Very Good Friends of all life, HP users.

     6 June 2000, 20:37 GMT

Re: 68K Linux Ported to 89/92+?
mmu_man  Account Info
(Web Page)

Amalfi Marini:
I have this project for a long time, but I lack time actually... but in 2 weeks, I'll be in holydays, so I'll try to compile Linux for ti68k...
but Linux is just for fun :)

Thank you for telling about Prosit :)
As the current maintainer for Prosit, I can say some facts for the future:
- try to converge to POSIX compliance
- try to implement a VFS
- try to implement TCP/IP... (and a lib for plain doors progs)

Faisal A:
GtkTilink should be easily ported to BeOS since Gtk already exist for it and POSIX api exist also.

have you checked http://dba.ticalc.org/ ? You can have more RAM in your calc...

     6 June 2000, 21:24 GMT

Re: Re: 68K Linux Ported to 89/92+?
Amalfi Marini  Account Info

I though that DOS miniLinux runs with vfat(that's why is not very stable)

     6 June 2000, 21:35 GMT

Re: Re: Re: 68K Linux Ported to 89/92+?
Amalfi Marini  Account Info

sorry, this coment was a quick post. please delete it.
(my mother always told me I was a disoriented person)

     6 June 2000, 21:42 GMT

Re: Re: Re: 68K Linux Ported to 89/92+?
mmu_man  Account Info
(Web Page)

uCLinux ? ( http://www.uclinux.org/ )
well in fact it is not as secure because of the lack of MMU (as my nickname :) ) (memory management unit) which normaly provides for virtual memory and memory protection (->SEGFAULTs...) on computers.
But the 68000 doesn't have it so programs can write on each others memory and crash the system

On some recent distribs you can install Linux on FAT partitions, yes it uses UMSDOS to simulate a filesystem with more features like symlinks...
but it's not the point.

     6 June 2000, 21:48 GMT

Platypii  Account Info

I think what we really need here is a v2os!!!


     6 June 2000, 21:59 GMT

Re: V2OS
mmu_man  Account Info
(Web Page)

Why not ! It is really cool really, but it coded entirely in x86 asm... feel free to port it :)

     6 June 2000, 22:04 GMT

Not quite on topic...
Paulo Marques  Account Info

I'm not a Linux user (yet!, no space...), so I don't think I can say much about it. But the other day I heard a news somewhere that FLASH memory will be getting cheaper (I think a new company is developing new technology). While Linux now on the 89 might seem hard to do, what about when we have more memory on our calculators, can you imagine the things that will be possible?

Just ranting...


     6 June 2000, 23:16 GMT

Re: Not quite on topic...
mmu_man  Account Info
(Web Page)

FLASH is basicaly a reinscriptable ROM.
What we need is RAM!
(well both in fact)
one could sometime have a surprise :)

     6 June 2000, 23:33 GMT

Re: 68K Linux Ported to 89/92+?
mmu_man  Account Info
(Web Page)

BTW: there had been already a lot of discutions on the ti-fr ( http://www.ti-fr.org/ ) forum about that and TCP/IP, and other stuff... it's in french (well, sorry but worth a read)

     6 June 2000, 23:18 GMT

Re: 68K Linux Ported to 89/92+?
TheWog Account Info
(Web Page)

Whoa, like, GtkTiLink 89!

(Brain explodes)

     7 June 2000, 18:48 GMT

The reason _why_ this won't work as stated, and what to do about it
Nick Clark

See, which it would be well and good for linux to run on a 92, there simply isn't the memory for kernel and application suite written in C. Now, what would be more useful would be if somebody pulled a V2OS, and wrote the kernel, bin utils, shell, login scripts, and libraries in pure M68k ASM. The problem with that, howevery, is that in order to be useful one would need to write _all_ the software in asm, which would be an enormous pain in the butt. Thus, if Linux ran on the 92, you'd effectively have a fried calc with the ability to boot into linux, and display the contents of the root DIR.

On the other hand, if somebody built an interface for the connecter port and coded the drivers for it, one could attach storage units _to_ the linkport, which _might_ make it feasible. If you think about it, the most useful thing that one could do (although I don't know what the speed limitations on the linkport are), would be to code the kernel normally, code all of the bare-bones software in pure ASM, which would reduce the size down to about 10-20k total, plus maybe 350k for the kernel. Included inside of that kernel, one of the most important things, would be a driver that would allow the linkport (when attached to a graphlink), to function as a standard COM port. Then, things could get interesting.

     8 June 2000, 06:57 GMT

Re: 68K Linux Ported to 89/92+?

You know what would be cool? MacOS on the 68K TI's! Of course it will run, it runs fine on my black and white Mac SE with 800K disks, 1MB RAM, and a 8 MHz 68000! It provides a great user interface, and it's very expandable through extensions, control panels, etc. It uses mostly the mouse (could be done through the arrow keys), and there are few typed-out commands.

     9 June 2000, 14:06 GMT

Re: 68K Linux Ported to 89/92+?
Kenneth Arnold Account Info

Hi. This is Kenneth. Any questions? :)

     9 June 2000, 23:44 GMT

Re: 68K Linux Ported to 89/92+?
Henk Poley  Account Info

I know these links are already on the page...

linux for the MC68000-processor:

I've e-mailed the guy who ownes the site. And sayed I'm going to post the URL here. If he could stand by for a e-mail-rush.
Don't think that this will happen, but though...

     10 June 2000, 15:43 GMT

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