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Turbo Breakout 68K, Flib v1.7
Posted by Nick on 1 June 2000, 23:35 GMT

Turbo Breakout 68KFlib, the assembly library used in BASIC coding for the 68K calculators, has been updated to version 1.7. Made by Francois Leiber, Flib contains many updates and optimizations. It also adds a folder function and others to maintain a high score list. Grab yourself this juicy bit for the 89 and the 92 Plus.

Flavien Racine of BAPG has written a wonderful piece of grayscality, Turbo Breakout 68K, for the 89 and the 92 Plus. In four-color grayscale, this program features customizable levels and it looks really really really good (see screenshot), but it's prone to crashing on just about everything. You have been warned.

As many of you may have guessed, I just had a little thing called "the end of the school year" and, as a result, another less-little thing called "graduation" is coming up. Updates this weekend on my end will be sparse. Sorry. :(


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Re: Turbo Breakout 68K, Flib v1.7
ajorians  Account Info

How come there aren't any animation screenshots for the new items anymore. If it is that they take up too much space, that seems crazy. They shouldn't take up more than 10 kb if you get the best parts. Or, maybe it would be that because you have them loop, it gets annoying when they loop and loop. I do want to know why there hasn't been one in a long while. An animation screenshot now and then, like every third news item about a program will be okay for me.

     2 June 2000, 20:56 GMT

Re: Re: Turbo Breakout 68K, Flib v1.7
Reno  Account Info

probably because it takes the effort of someone actually playing it and running kirks screenshot program, then uploading it, which could (possibly) take time away from important news items and improvements on the servers functions (if you guys do any of that)

     3 June 2000, 00:48 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Turbo Breakout 68K, Flib v1.7
CircaX  Account Info
(Web Page)

And I'll be the first to agree that an animated screenshot is almost usually not worth the trouble.

     3 June 2000, 05:00 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Turbo Breakout 68K, Flib v1.7
calcfreak901  Account Info

Most people don't think to do it. They can be helpful for some games, but are often not worth it.

--future martian

     3 June 2000, 15:25 GMT

Re: Turbo Breakout 68K, Flib v1.7
Amalfi Marini  Account Info

everything ok with turbo breakout. Anyway I think it would be nice if it waslike the game boy version.(the speed of the ball is always the same, if it changes, it's just a little...)

HEY! What about a soccer game for Ti ?

HEY! Uruguay 2 - Chile 1

     4 June 2000, 03:35 GMT

Re: Re: Turbo Breakout 68K, Flib v1.7

Brazil 2,436,723 - USA 1. ;-)

     4 June 2000, 19:15 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Turbo Breakout 68K, Flib v1.7
Amalfi Marini  Account Info

Yes , it's almost true!! , and do you remember what happened in 1950 ?

A new version of Turbobreak out is comming

     6 June 2000, 01:25 GMT
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