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TI-GCC Library R1.1
Posted by Nick on 8 February 2000, 03:37 GMT

Zeljko Juric has released R1.1 of his TI-GCC Library. This version fixes many AMS 2.03 bugs and grayscale support is now implemented. A lot of other wacky programming stuff is in there, too. For those of you who spend as much of your time as possible living under oversized boulders, TI-GCC is a port of the GNU C Compiler to the 89/92+. The niftiness factors on both TI-GCC and the library are unusually high; check them out as soon as you can.


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Hmm... Could someone rework it for use with the z80 based TIs? (I'm still stuck on my '85. :) )

     11 February 2000, 22:44 GMT

Re: Re: TI-GCC
Sean Barnes  Account Info

This would require more than just "reworking". The Z80 calcs have a completely different assembly language, so you would have to write a brand new compiler. You might be able to take some small parts of the compiler, but it would be a lot of work


     12 February 2000, 00:27 GMT

Great Utility!!!
Ryan Guerry  Account Info

This library makes it possible for a grayscale game to be created that will work on all versions of the 89! This is a major step in calculator programing. I plan on releasing my first grayscale game (my first game period) for the 89, I'll have a demo by 3-1-00 (depending on the amount of my homework). It's "Virtual Cop TI-89."

     23 February 2000, 02:12 GMT
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