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Pokemon 83 Demo by BASM
Posted by Nick on 7 January 2000, 23:19 GMT

Pokemon 83 DemoBASM has released a nifty new demo of Pokemon for the 83 (SOS only). This demo version will be released soon for the 83 Plus as well. This is a demo version only and it still lacks many features. Graphically, though, the bugs seem to be entirely worked out. To exit the demo, press the ZOOM key. Good luck to BASM on their future projects.


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Re: Pokemon 83 Demo by BASM
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Stop badmouthing pokemon, as Scott Uhl said don't play the game and just ignore it. Pokemon fans are getting tired of the badmouthing and destruction just as pokemon dislikers are tired of the craze. Just don't let pokemon bother you. I'm sure everyone remembers a craze that they were involved in or something they liked that others didn't, how did you like it when someone said ewww, that (show, game, product, etc.) sucks, did you like it? if you did, go and get some help, you probly have some serious damage to your brain or very bad memorys.

I can't belive that people download a game that they hate already, Do you see any sense of me going out to Best Buy to buy a rock and roll CD for myself when I hate rock and roll (I like rap)?

I don't think so. I don't like seeing an over 10 comment string saying I hate pokemone in each one. If you hate pokemon the you hate pokemon thats it, theres no point tring to tell people who like pokemon that you hate it. What are you tring to do make them not like it and cause the pokemon craze to stop, its going to stop, don't worry, everything does. I like pokemon myself (the show, games, and trading cards) thats all I like I don't want to waste my money on unofficial dolls and pokeballs. Humm, maby they will start a pokemon beanie baby craze (a lot will hate this but their will be some who start this). I'm finishing this saying right now, your lucky to be in America, in Japan you can't go anywhere without seeing something related to pokemon.

To other pokemon fans: Another movie is supposed to be on the way, I have no idea when though.

     9 January 2000, 05:04 GMT

To Pickachu

You hear me pickachu, Ginyu comin for you, ouch!!!

     21 January 2000, 02:14 GMT
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