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Ice v0.91
Posted by Nick on 24 December 1999, 06:21 GMT

IceSolignac Julien of Cygnus X-1 Technologies has released a wonderful new shell for the 83 and 83 Plus called Ice. This shell is compatible with all Ion games, so there shouldn't be any worries there. This shell does include a nifty new feature, though: folders! It also takes up very little memory (938 or 960 bytes for the 83 and 83 Plus, respectively). You should check this interesting new shell soon!


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Re: Ice v0.91
sixth_element  Account Info

I don't archive my programs because I read somewhere that it isn't too good if you write/rewrite to your Flash memory frequently. All I need is tetris, falldown and a couple of other games to play when I'm bored...

     24 December 1999, 23:47 GMT

Re: Re: Ice v0.91
Safari  Account Info
(Web Page)

I've never heard that. Where did you read it? All I know is that if you switch programs from archive to RAM often then you'll have to run a GarbageCollect, it doesn't hurt your calculator, it just frees up space in the archive. It does this because when progams are moved to RAM from Archive they (The space they occupied) aren't really deleted and a GarbageCollect clears that space so you can use it for other programs.

     25 December 1999, 05:05 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Ice v0.91
Julien Solignac  Account Info
(Web Page)

Flash rom has only one limitation, it can be written about 10 000 times after what it becomes corrupted.

     25 December 1999, 11:18 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Ice v0.91
sixth_element  Account Info
(Web Page)

Click on the url...

Scroll down and read...

     25 December 1999, 20:49 GMT

TI Calc club
WashBasin  Account Info

hello, i have just created a new ticalc club at: http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/ticalc
this is not intended to be a rival site at all whatsoever. it is just a place for us ticalc users (who dont control the site) to be able to post our own news items and news about programs. if you would join, it would be great because it is an easy way to catch up on the latest ti calc news. thanks =)

     26 December 1999, 06:12 GMT

Re: TI Calc club
akadajet  Account Info
(Web Page)

Hmm... looks like someone is trying really hard to get people to come to his/her site. =P

~Jonathan Taylor

     26 December 1999, 20:13 GMT

Re: Ice v0.91
Daniel Huber  Account Info
(Web Page)

I have a question regarding 83 (not 83+) shells. I have a friend who just got an 83 for Christmas and I was going to put some games on her calculator in case she gets bored in class (thankfully, she's not a nerd like me that goes wild over calcs.; it was my suggestion to load games, actually, hehe).

I know she's not a technically-minded sort so a shell is definitely to her advantage, not to mention the lack of standard assembly games so it's wise to go with some shell. So, I'm trying to decide which shell to use; Ice, AShell, or Ion.

Ion has a lot of support, while Ice and AShell can run Ion games so it's apparently not a matter of which shell has the most support (all the games I'd load would be Ion format). It's a matter of which shells have the neatest and/or most features and that's apparently not a very diverse field either.

So, which shell do you believe has the best GUI? Remember, this is an 83 so there's no concern about archives or flash mem. here.

I'll be loading on the games and shell when I take her 83 home for a night after school and I don't want to spend 4 hours investigating each shell and killing her batteries because I used the link port way too much, hehe. Thanks for the help!

     29 December 1999, 07:34 GMT
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