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SiCoDe Software Establishes Basmic
Posted by Nick on 25 November 1999, 21:12 GMT

Basmic LogoSiCoDe Software has created a campaign to raise awareness about the high quality of many BASIC programs called Basmic. Its aim is "to spread the belief of [its] views through widespread support of [its] views by all major TI-related groups." Basmic would like to ask everyone in the TI community to support the fact that BASIC programs can be created of equal caliber and entertainment value to assembly. We wish both SiCoDe and Basmic well in their future endeavors.


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Get off the crack rock :)

I can't believe this issue is being argued. Asm is far superior for games because:

1. Speed - ASM is not an interpreted or symbolized language like TI basic. The ops you write are the ops that the processor does. The speed is incomparible.

2. Size - A well-written asm program is or is close to the smallest a program could possibly be written. Basic is bloated. That may be ok for some applications but not for games on a device with little memory.

3. Control - this goes hand in hand with those above. You have direct control over the processor so you can control it in any way that you want. You are not limited to a few pre-written functions.

Basic is good for math because of the TI's math functions. But with the proper libs, asm could handle that also. I think the idea solution would be a better c library for the calculator optimized for size. One that was stripped down for compiling calc programs.

So the question is, why are people arguing FOR a limited, slow language for games?
Still think BASIC is equal to ASM? Well then do this:

CHALLANGE: Rewrite ANY of the better ASM games for the same calc. Do so without loss of speed or increase in size. Hello World is NOT a better asm game.

CHALLANGE 2: Just write a basic pong game with smooth and fast asm level play.

     29 November 1999, 22:30 GMT

Re: Okay, I'll make the same challenge to you, and follow with my own
Magicain_Synchro  Account Info
(Web Page)

Here is my challenge. Since you claim that ASM is far superior than basic. I challenge you to this.

Here are the terms:

You are allowed to pic any, and I mean ANY TI-BASIC game on the TI 82 calc.

I will then port that game to all versions of the z80 TI starting with th 83, 83+, 85, and 86.

Then in response, to defend your ASM that you claim superiority with I will choose a game for the 82 and only require that you port it to two calcs. Half of what my half of the challenge is. We will be both alloted four months in order to comeplete your challenge and my challenge. This should be interesting considering that I have to learn ASM and to

"CHALLANGE: Rewrite ANY of the better ASM games for the same calc. Do so without loss of speed or increase in size. Hello World is NOT a better asm game."

as well as to make a smooth play pong game for the TI (86 will be the platform) that equals to an ASM version.

By the way, I will comeplete your challenge. You will not be able to comeplete mine.

The reason why is that I have to learn only one language with minor variations. You will have to learn one language with major variations. Up to the challenge? I'm sure that the TI community would benefit from your ports, and you'd most likely prove your point. But if no body accepts this challenge I will simply understand that Silence is acceptance. And my claim as TI BASIC being equal to ASM in all respects based on the simply equations of

(BASIC - Programmer skill(which eleminates limitations ) = (ASM - programmer skill (which in turn eleminates the limitations of ASM)

So, what is it?

Acceptence or meet my challenge.

If you meet my challenge then send me an email.
Tell me the game I am to port.
I will then tell you the game you are to port and to which two calcs.


     30 November 1999, 00:04 GMT

Re: Get off the crack rock :)

You and all the other BASIC haters are missing the point!!!
Basmic is saying that "A BASIC game can be as fun as an ASM game."
To prove this to you, I will upload two BASIC games for TI-83. Frogger and Advanced Slam Session. Whoever said that Basic cant display many objects will be proved wrong by Frogger. Advanced Slam Session is a cool basketball game I worked on.
So if you play these and say that a Basic game still cabn't be as fun as an ASM game, you must be on drugs because these are more fun than Tetris Attack, Tunnel, or Labyrinths.

BASMIC ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     30 November 1999, 23:33 GMT

Re: Get off the crack rock :)
James abba shalaka Rubingh  Account Info
(Web Page)

What? On drugs? yeah so...

     1 December 1999, 01:40 GMT

Re: Get off the crack rock :)
t-OdDjOb  Account Info


and i'll pay anyone who can do your challenges, they cannot be done. it takes about 10 mins to write the most basic of pong games without paddles. these 10 mins of commands provide a nice choppy/slow bouncing dot on the screen. unless everyone has overclocked their calculator, this program is now a huge waste of space, and it wasted 10 mins of my life that i'll never get back!!

     1 December 1999, 01:56 GMT

Re: SiCoDe Software Establishes Basmic
Samir Ribic  Account Info
(Web Page)

The most funny fact of everything is that, as TI claims, the language in TI Calculators is not BASIC at all!

     29 November 1999, 22:48 GMT
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