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BAPG Releases Plans For Phone-Line Power Cord
Posted by Nick on 7 November 1999, 06:03 GMT

Luigi_ of BAPG has released plans for a rather interesting invention: a power cord that uses the power given by a phone line to run your calculator. Plans are located here. I'd like to see if anyone can confirm this - if so, you wouldn't need to rely on batteries for the phone line would be an unlimited source of power. And I wouldn't need to spend a few bucks on Duracell Ultra's every few months. :)


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Re: BAPG Releases Plans For Phone-Line Power Cord
Vasantha Crabb  Account Info
(Web Page)

In Australia, this would not be a good idea. I know several people who got caught using illegal home-made plugins for their phone line. They all paid heavy fines. Also, in Australia, the voltage jumps from its normal 50V DC to a huge 200V AC when the phone rings. See why it isn't such a great idea after all? Unless you can be bothered fitting your box with automatic switching and protection circuitry.

     10 November 1999, 07:35 GMT

Re: BAPG Releases Plans For Phone-Line Power Cord
akashd  Account Info


The calculator also needs a certain amount of current to run. The amount of current coming from a phone line is less than 1mA--not nearly enough to run the calulator. Also, I don't see how the phone line will be busy when this thing is hooked up. One of the 4 prongs need to have power applied to it. US residents: A 4 prong modular jack will do you nothing just go to radio shack and get a phone line extension. This will save you time and money(it won't really save you money, because in the end your calculator will be destroyed.) Another thing for all you out there who think this might work. The incoming voltage(from the phone company) is alternating current(AC), the batteries in the calcuator are direct current(DC). You will need a full-wave bridge rectifier to make this work(this is 4 silicon diodes.) This will definitely jack up the price of this phone line supply to about 15USD, depending on where you live. You can also get rechargable batteries AND the recharger for about 16.99USD. So, in conculsion, THERE IS NO WAY THAT THIS THING WILL EVER WORK USING THE PLANS THAT LUIGI SUPPLIED, AND IT WON'T WORK NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU MODIFY IT. IT WILL ALWAYS BE CHEAPER AND COST EFFECTIVE TO BUY RECHARGABLE BATTERIES.

     12 November 1999, 15:58 GMT
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