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Assorted games for the Nspire
Posted by Xavier on 29 November 2019, 22:09 GMT

We did not forget about the Nspire series: our archives still contain many files worth highlighting, whether they're from the usual suspects or not :)

Qubic is a 3D 4x4x4 TicTacToe, written in Lua. 3D brings a welcome additional challenge to the classic TicTacToe game, without making the game insanely difficult, unlike 3D variants of some other games. This implementation supports 2 players and 1 player vs. AI mode (two levels of difficulty for the AI), and provides both a take back feature and a hint feature, for cheaters people in learning mode. To sum up, this game has the usual quality of Rolf Pütter's productions.

Minesweeper is also written in Lua, open source under the MIT license. The graphics and general gameplay (difficulty levels, highscores) closely match those of the original Windows 3.1 implementation, this is good work. It's Jonas Skayo's only file in our archives so far.

Liero is a nice port of one of the open-source implementations of this highly configurable real-time two-player Worms-like game, in native code, by gameblabla. The Liero series dates back to 1998; you can easily document yourself about the long history of Liero if you're interested in it, and nowadays, you can even play Liero online against remote opponents through your favorite browser :)

nBinaryPuzzle is an open-source C++ implementation of a game resembling a binary variant of Sudoku, by another familiar author, A. J. Orians. The rules and key bindings are described in the README; here as well, the user can request a bit of help from the calculator. The game's life is very high, as 200 levels are provided, and more can be added through external files.

Note that I have tested neither the compatibility of the native code programs with the newest hardware revisions (W and later) of the Nspire CX (CAS), nor the compatibility of the Lua programs with the Nspire CX II series.

Article written by Lionel Debroux.

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