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Banchor and SQRXZ for the CE
Posted by Xavier on 27 October 2017, 19:09 GMT


Today, we'd like to feature a couple '2017 releases for the TI-eZ80 series (TI-84 Plus CE and TI-83 Premium CE), both made by James "JamesV" Vernon, who also authored the great Alien Breed series for monochrome and color TI-(e)Z80 calculators, previously featured here.

First of all: SQRXZ CE is a color remake of Jimmy Mårdell's popular SQRXZ platformer, whose versions for the TI-Z80 and TI-68k series have been downloaded 100+K times from ticalc.org. As usual, you need to guide a character through a set of levels, while avoiding enemies. Unlike many platformers, SQRXZ has a set of sprites dedicated to writing text in a fancy font. James even included a WYSIWYG level editor (for Windows), so that you can design your own levels :)

More recently, James also ported his own Banchor: Legend of the Hellspawn RPG from the TI-86 to the TI-eZ80 (CE) series. Unlike SQRXZ CE, he kept the mostly monochrome TI-86 graphics, at least for now. But the game kept and improved the expected items for a Zelda-type game: an evil person holding a princess hostage, a hero to rescue her through a fight-ridden quest. The game isn't overly easy, which makes it a longer-lasting challenge, for your pleasure!

Both programs are open source, the source code is provided alongside the binaries.

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Re: Banchor and SQRXZ for the CE
Ryan Boyd Account Info
(Web Page)

These both look fantastic. James Vernon has continued to impress me for so long that I'm beginning to wonder whether he's immortal.

Reply to this comment    28 October 2017, 18:42 GMT

Re: Banchor and SQRXZ for the CE
Jonson26 Account Info

Well... I searched through the archive, and I couldn't really find SQRZX for 68k... Does it even exist for that platform?

Reply to this comment    28 October 2017, 20:58 GMT

Re: Re: Banchor and SQRXZ for the CE
Lionel Debroux Account Info
(Web Page)

See the URL above my post, for instance. You can find it through both Jimmy MÃ¥rdell's author page, and less easily through a search in the archives :)

Reply to this comment    29 October 2017, 07:21 GMT

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