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Posted by Xavier on 19 June 2016, 20:51 GMT


Today, let's talk about a game recently made by Kevin "DJ Omnimaga" Ouellet, for TI-84 Plus CE / TI-83 Premium CE calculators. Its name is GalagACE, it's a fancy color Shoot-em-up remake of the B&W version (also by DJ) from... 2002 (!), then called "Space Invaders".

DJ has cleverly used one of the "hybrid BASIC" libraries available on the CE, this time an ASM sprites library by "grosged", which does the heavy lifting for the graphical operations happening in the game.
(We shall remind, like DJ did, that there are also some pretty awesome ASM shoot-em-up games for the CE, harnessing the full power of the device)

In addition to fancy sprite graphics, you'll be able to fight your way through 18 stages, 6 bosses, with your ship firing up to 3 bullets at once on the screen. The game is clearly playable, and makes for a rather cool showcase for hybrid BASIC ;)

A detailed readme file is available, and explains controls, gameplay, and more. DJ has also uploaded a video of the gameplay on YouTube if you want to see for yourself before playing.

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Re: GalagACE
DJ_Omnimaga Account Info
(Web Page)

Thanks for the news Critor and thanks ticalc.org for fixing logging in/out and posting (I was getting errors) :)

Reply to this comment    21 June 2016, 05:27 GMT

Re: GalagACE
elie dumont  Account Info
(Web Page)

Good Job DJ_Omnimaga
An other program that work with Sprites library of grosged is SokoMario

Reply to this comment    6 July 2016, 14:17 GMT

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