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TI-83+/84+ POTY voting opens
Posted by Travis on 2 December 2015, 21:28 GMT

It's once again Program of the Year contest month, where everyone votes for their favorite featured programs! The more voters, the better the contest, so we hope you all will encourage, ask, beg, urge, dare, threaten to swap their calculators with TI-82 Advanced units, or bribe your friends to vote for their preferred programs and unleash self-replicating calculator viruses to tell everyone they know to do the same. The polls open first with the TI-83 Plus/84 Plus category, whose candidates are listed below. Simply sign up if you don't already have an account and then vote in the Survey sidebar on the right side of the front page. Have fun!

Update: We are aware that there is an issue with logging in, voting, etc. We will get that fixed as soon as possible.

Update: Everything should be working again. Due to the failure, 83+/84+ voting will remain open for one extra day. It appears there may still be some problems from time to time. Please bear with us while we sort things out.

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Re: TI-83+/84+ POTY Voting Opens
DJ_Omnimaga Account Info
(Web Page)

Slova seemed to be my favorite of the three, perhaps due to me liking platformers more or the originality. But the other two were very good as well.

Reply to this comment    4 December 2015, 04:35 GMT

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