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Pong Ultimate Multiplayer
Posted by Ryan on 26 November 2014, 20:35 GMT

Pong Ultimate Multiplayer What, did you think that we were done with classics for the day? Think again! Felix Brull has decided to add some spins to another classic by releasing Pong Ultimate Multiplayer. These days, some people may see Pong as a quaint classic or something of an exercise in programming basics, and they would be right. They would also be overlooking the fact that it was, for most of the world, the launching pad for video games in the mainstream. Like many arcade games of the era, the beauty of Pong was hidden in its simplicity. This was especially the case when playing competitively against a friend: only your wits and reaction time stood between you and victory. Pong Ultimate Multiplayer spices up the formula a bit, making the timing and acquisition (or avoidance) of certain power-ups a welcome addition to the ultimate in table tennis simulations.

It's always exciting to be able to say "find a friend" when it comes to calc games, and this is a perfect example of a "pick up and play" game that you can share with almost anyone. Good for passing a few free minutes or having a lunch-time tournament, Felix has done a nice job of keeping the classics kicking on your calc. Consider the inclusion of the source code an added bonus for those looking to pick up the basics of the Axe parser. Thanks, Felix!

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