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Call of CX
Posted by Ryan on 6 September 2014, 22:17 GMT

Call of CXYou awaken in the middle of the night to the phone ringing on your night stand. Even though you are still groggy, a stern voice barks orders into your ear. "It's an emergency! What are you still doing in bed?! Get out there and do your job!" The world regains its order as you awaken, recapturing your sensibilities. You're a hulking, tough-as-nails solider tasked with fighting the forces of evil. You must save the world from mercenaries, tanks, helicopters, all the while protecting the innocent. You get up, tighen your bandana, and make your way to your closet. This is not just your job, you think. This is your mission... your duty. You open your closet door to reveal a small armory of weapons. Rocket launchers? Check. Assault rifles? Check. You reach deep into the back and grasp the most powerful weapon in your inventories: your TI-Nspire CX. Time to save the world.

Programmed in Lua, Call of CX is linkwebmaster's second recent hit for your Nspire series calcs. Using art from the infamous Metal Slug games, Call of CX is a variant on what is now known as a "rail shooter". Essentially, picking off baddies and saving the world is your sole charge, and gosh darn it, you must succeed. Use your cursor pad to take aim, save the enemies and, for goodness' sake, avoid taking damage!

Thanks for keeping our Nspires in constant need of a battery recharge, linkwebmaster!

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Re: Call of CX
Chickendude Account Info
(Web Page)

This looks great, i'll be sure to test it out when i get my NSpire back. Does this need a certain OS version? The readme says it was made on OS 3.9 but will any Lua-compatible OS do?

Btw, i love your posts, Ryan!

Reply to this comment    19 October 2014, 01:15 GMT

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