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VVVVVV for the 83/84+
Posted by Ryan on 5 March 2014, 01:57 GMT

A few years ago, Terry Cavanagh released a puzzle platformer that rapidly became a "modern classic": VVVVVV. The game was a fantastic take on both the gravity-switching mechanic and its historic influences (such as the Miner Willy series) and earned praise from gaming journalism outlets the world over. The brave and bold Philip "the pimathbraniac" has stepped forward, accepting the challenge of bringing this game to our calcs.

The 83/84+ assembly version of VVVVVV by Philip looks and feels great, capturing the essence of the original and distilling it into z80 form. While it's currently still in development, I simply can't get enough of it. Time your gravity switching and movements perfectly, navigate your way around the map, and try your best to dodge the pernicious poking protrusions as traverse the world of VVVVVV. With the map editor, you can even create your own challenges with custom maps, dazzle your friends with your skills, and wait with baited breath for further developments! Awesome job, Philip!

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Re: VVVVVV for the 83/84+
matrefeytontias  Account Info

Great game, and great port indeed :D

But hum, apparently he didn't put me as co-author but I've done the entire map editor. He says it in the readme though.

Reply to this comment    5 March 2014, 13:55 GMT

Re: Re: VVVVVV for the 83/84+
Philip N  Account Info

I'll add you and Hayleia and Keoni next update :P

Reply to this comment    5 March 2014, 22:35 GMT

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