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Pokemon Topaz for the 83/84+
Posted by Ryan on 29 July 2013, 14:47 GMT

As our catching up continues, we must take note of Pokemon Topaz by Asuka "Hayleia" Amari. While Asuka has demonstrated a knack for charm and style with his other ticalc.org releases, Pokemon Topaz is a rather large step away from such software.

While a quick search of our archives will reveal a number of Poke-centric programs, peer reviews, and promising plugs pulled, Pokemon Topaz for the 83/84+ series seems to have some serious ambition and developmental endurance. Having already acquired accolades in the 2011 zContest, this game has continued to grow in scope and size. Multiple languages? Check. Tilemapping? Check. Carefully crafted battlescreen graphics? Check. Ability to trade with friends? That's a big "you bet", courtesy of zero44.

If you've been having that TI-Pokemon itch for years that other releases have failed to assuage, well, you should probably see a doctor about that. Then, you can download Pokemon Topaz to help with the healing process.

Don't hesitate to send an electromatic correspondence to either the official ticalc.org mailbox or to myself personally!

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Re: Pokemon Topaz for the 83/84+
ordelore Account Info
(Web Page)

Thank you for finally featuring this. Hayleia's work is simply amazing. don't be surprised if this wins the POTY.

Reply to this comment    29 July 2013, 19:50 GMT

Re: Re: Pokemon Topaz for the 83/84+
Hayleia Account Info

Thanks for the support Ordelore, and thanks TiCalc for the feature. Having feedback (positive is more encouraging but negative is also a way to know what is wrong so what is to fix) is always great when it comes to coding big projects such as this one.

(@any_TiCalc_admin : could you check the "Pokemon Topaz" link in the news ?)

Reply to this comment    29 July 2013, 20:15 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Pokemon Topaz for the 83/84+
Ryan Boyd Account Info
(Web Page)

Fixed! Sorry about that!

Reply to this comment    30 July 2013, 03:27 GMT

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