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ticalc.org Updates
Posted by Ryan on 1 April 2013, 15:43 GMT

You may have noticed over the past few weeks that there have been issues on the site with transfer speed and server lag. For the past month or so, we have been working diligently on the backend of the site to make several improvements, optimizations, and feature additions.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the ticalc.org staff, we are happy to announce that ticalc.org is in the last stages of rolling out a large site-wide overhaul. A number of features will be added to improve both the usability and visibility of the site, including a number of Web 2.0 features such as:

  • Website "Themes" for personalized user experiences
  • Facebook "Like" buttons for sharing your favorite programs
  • Optional embedded Twitter feeds of your favorite authors for greater social visibility
  • Flash version of the upload portal for increased security
  • A range of Java embeds for improved user experience
  • AJAX all up in this mo'
You can expect to see these features slowly cropping up over the next few weeks as we finish working out the kinks on our side. We hope that you enjoy the upcoming ticalc.org experience!

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Re: ticalc.org Updates
Jonathan Floyd-Evans  Account Info

This is going to be awesome I can already tell!!

Reply to this comment    10 April 2013, 20:33 GMT
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