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Maxwell's Demon
Posted by Ryan on 2 March 2013, 17:24 GMT


DemonWith all of the excitement and fuss over the upcoming calc, I would be remiss if we overlooked other areas of note within our wonderful calc community. As such, I am very pleased to feature Darl181's release of his puzzle / skill game, Maxwell's Demon for the 83/84+ series.

Conceptually derived from the classic thought experiment of the same name, Maxwell's Demon is a challenging romp through two-dimensional space that will challenge your forethought and patience. Your goal is to guide the different shades of balls to their corresponding sector on-screen by sliding gaps in the wall around with proper timing and care. What really sticks out about this game is the number of options added, allowing you to really tailor the game to your skill level and desired challenge. Want a faster game? More objects on screen to sort? More categories of objects to sort? Maxwell's Demon has you covered.

Make sure to check out the readme for an explanation of the options and controls (although the controls listed for the 4-type game appears to be incorrect). If you are up for a good challenge and love customizability, give the game a download!

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Re: Maxwell's Demon
Nickisai Lang  Account Info
(Web Page)

image is broken?

Reply to this comment    2 March 2013, 18:04 GMT

Re: Re: Maxwell's Demon
Nickisai Lang  Account Info

Woops sorry, never mind.

I'm really excited to play this, looks cool!

Reply to this comment    2 March 2013, 18:05 GMT

Re: Maxwell's Demon
Adept  Account Info
(Web Page)

lol, I saw that the screenshot was really wide and got really excited thinking it was a calcnet development. Then I read the article and was like, "Yay! Maxwell's is getting an update! :D" I dunno, just thought the screenshot was pretty funny....

Reply to this comment    2 March 2013, 23:15 GMT

Re: Maxwell's Demon
darl 181  Account Info

About the 4-type controls, 2nd and Mode move the hole in the horizontal wall. I'll update the readme.

Reply to this comment    3 March 2013, 05:46 GMT

Re: Maxwell's Demon
NanoWar Account Info
(Web Page)

Finally an semi educational game for the TI :)

Reply to this comment    3 March 2013, 14:21 GMT

Re: Maxwell's Demon
Jonathan Floyd-Evans  Account Info

Downloaded it... It's AWESOME! Kuddos to Darl181.

Reply to this comment    6 March 2013, 22:21 GMT

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