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DMCA Battle Featured in WSJ
Posted by Michael on 16 November 2009, 03:38 GMT

The Wall Street Journal, the most widely circulated newspaper in the US, has published a lengthy feature on the TI calculator community. The article explores the motivations behind calculator programming and documents the history of the ongoing legal battle, but most importantly, it continues to raise awareness of the issue. Mr. Foster still declines to comment, but the article does contain a reply from a TI representative, even if only one line.

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Re: DMCA Battle Featured in WSJ
Agentx002  Account Info

Wow I never knew this was illegal in TI's eyes. Like Lawyer Jennifer Granick said, no ones distributing moded calculators, just making programs for them. the closest anyones gotten to that is the IR link, but you have to do it yourself, they only distribute the parts needed, (which you can find at Radioshack and do it yourself, not suggesting too though). I think the Nspire marked them taking action as to prevent us from programming it. It's limitations are annoying, I was thinking about upgrading my stolen Middle school TI-84 to an Nspire until I learned about its programming limits. If TI stops the Ti calc community from hacking there calcs, the good old times will stay good old times. Never will forget the first time I played games on my 84, then taking it apart, (and breaking the case in the process).

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