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It's That POTY Time Again
Posted by Michael on 5 December 2004, 00:08 GMT

Voting for the 2004 Program of the Year awards is now open. Last year was the first time we held this competition and it was a huge success. All featured programs from 2004 are eligible to win the Program of the Year award. Participating is as easy as simply voting for your favorite program in the weekly surveys and then waiting for the results in January.

As always, survey results will be hidden until all voting is done. In addition to being mentioned on the POTY webpage, winners will receive a special screenshot. This first week of voting is for the TI-83/83 Plus/84 Plus, so go exercise your ticalc.org civic duty right now!

Update: The second week's poll is up. Vote now for your favorite TI-85/86 program.

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Sebastian Schmied Account Info

Hey, you forgot the asm version of the wacky fun random numbar generator! I couldn't imagine a life without this program.

Reply to this comment    11 December 2004, 21:55 GMT

Where is PedroM???
ExtendeD  Account Info

I can't see PedroM in the TI68k list...
It was featured too late last year to be in the 2003 POTY.. We should be able to vote for it this year.

Reply to this comment    19 December 2004, 10:58 GMT

Re: It's That POTY Time Again
Neil F Account Info

Well, I have sad news. The winner of the 2004 POTY for 83+/84+ is...Wacky Fun Random Numbar Generator v1.00000069. Seriously, im not kidding.

Reply to this comment    3 January 2005, 16:12 GMT
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