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Acelgoyobis Released
Posted by Michael on 5 November 2004, 02:56 GMT

[Acelgoyobis]Its name might be unpronounceable to most of us, but Acelgoyobis is the first pinball game for Z80 calculators. It was a few years ago that I first read complaints about the lack of such a game. At long last, we can rest our minds: Acelgoyobis is available for three different 82 shells, the 83 (ION & Venus), and the 83+ (ION/MirageOS). As for the gameplay, it's pinball. Awesome pinball with an included level editor. You might even learn a little Hungarian from downloading this.

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Re: Acelgoyobis Released
Ziggy999  Account Info

i, for one, think this is one of the most amazing games to come along on the 83/4+, and even with a silver edition the speed is great. just one thing is that only the "speed" table transferred. all the others said that they had invalid names. anyone else have this problem?

Reply to this comment    10 November 2004, 02:29 GMT

Re: Re: Acelgoyobis Released
calkfreak83  Account Info
(Web Page)

Yes... it's because they have lowercase letters, so change all the small letters to capital letters when the thingie pops up and asks you to change the name.

Reply to this comment    10 November 2004, 02:35 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Acelgoyobis Released
Gergely Patai  Account Info
(Web Page)

Even better, use linking software that doesn't enforce capital letters... Fortunately the program doesn't depend on the actual filenames, you can use anything.

Reply to this comment    10 November 2004, 06:23 GMT

Re: Acelgoyobis Released
Gergely Patai  Account Info
(Web Page)

Note to everyone: the fixed version is in the upload queue, look for it in the updates. The 'low RAM crashes' should not happen with that one. Also, if you gave a bad rating because of this bug, please reconsider. ;)

Reply to this comment    10 November 2004, 06:25 GMT

Re: Acelgoyobis Released
Brady R. Mayes  Account Info

You've really outdone yourself on this one, CoBB! Way to stick with the project! And many thanks for giving us TI-82 guys a new game. You've got my "10!"

Reply to this comment    11 November 2004, 07:43 GMT

Re: Re: Acelgoyobis Released
Someone Someone  Account Info

Wow, very nicely programmed game.. and even better done in z80 assembly! This is an amazing feat! If only I was that good at z80 assembly :\

Reply to this comment    18 April 2006, 23:13 GMT
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