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TI-89 Titanium Compatibility Improves
Posted by Michael on 22 August 2004, 03:04 GMT

Since the release of the 89 Titanium, there have been many reports of incompatibilities with existing assembly programs. Hopefully some of these will be now alleviated, as a number of key fixes have been released. Kevin Kofler's 89 homepage contains links to many programs that operate properly on the Titanium, including his own HW3Patch that will patch the AMS so as to allow certain types of programs to function correctly. For kernel aficionados, Iceberg v1.00 is a port of PreOS v0.67 to the Titanium.

Greg Dietsche has also uploaded Titanium compatible versions of KerNO (the anti-kernel 'kernel') and some games: Insane Game, ZTetris, Tron, and Dr. Mario.

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... Backwards compatability bad?
nicklaszlo Account Info
(Web Page)

Look what it's done to Microsoft Windows: A slow, buggy, bloated, insecure product due to Microsoft's insistance on backwards compatability. Of course, security isn't important on a calculator, but it is important that bloat be prevented. We all horde every last byte of RAM, right? I don't really know if official support is sufficient for all programs, not having written any assembly, but I am inclined to suggest that programs written with unsupported features simply be ignored by TI kernel/assmebler writters.

Reply to this comment    23 August 2004, 01:06 GMT

Backwards compatability good++
ti_is_good_++  Account Info

People have older programs that they need to use and if they don't work they get angry. If the OS is huge, so what? Use removable media. If you make an OS that works only for people who are buying a version of it for the first time, nobody uses it.

Reply to this comment    25 August 2004, 13:16 GMT

Re: TI-89 Titanium Compatibility Improves
Christophe Molon-Noblot  Account Info
(Web Page)

About TI-89 Titanium compatibility, a beta of PreOs 0.70 is out: check http://www.timetoteam.fr.st

Reply to this comment    28 August 2004, 14:34 GMT

Re: Re: TI-89 Titanium Compatibility Improves
RJ Larimore  Account Info

dude! i know how to run 89 games on the titanium. email me if u wanna know how...

Reply to this comment    15 December 2004, 00:55 GMT

Re: TI-89 Titanium Compatibility Improves
Erick Iarrusso  Account Info

When theres something strange in the neigbhorhood, who u gonna call? Ghost Busters....

i used ghost busters on all of the 89 games that didn't need a kernal and im 2 lazy to zunpack them ^^, but gb OWNS the ghost space that 89 had and that titanium doesn't gg? GG? GG NO RE?????? GGGGGGGG?????????????? pwned

Reply to this comment    20 September 2004, 19:32 GMT

Re: TI-89 Titanium Compatibility Improves
Ehsan Sarmadi  Account Info

I want to install this patch but I'm not sure that this patch will damage my calc or not? (I mean reliability)
anyone has more info about this patch?


Reply to this comment    17 November 2005, 17:42 GMT
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