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Zilog Re-does Z80 - eZ80 Announced
Posted by Nick on 21 September 1999, 01:33 GMT

Slashdot has once again posted an article of note -- this time, Zilog, the company that created the Z80 processors that (most notably) the 82, 83, 85 and 86 run on, has decided to re-release their successful processor, calling it the eZ80. For more info, consult Zilog's page on it here. It looks like it will offer a host of improvements that could possibly lead to better calculators being developed in the future.


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Re: Zilog Re-does Z80 - eZ80 Announced

Hm...this is interesting, but I don't really see it appearing in calculators. The 180/182 series has comparable power and probably lower power consumption...and besides, TI seems to be leaning toward the 68000 architecture for future calcs, and it'd be really nice if they'd standardize on it (since it continues up through the 68060, an incredibly powerful chip, and has good modern support). On the other hand, they could apply their killer DSP knowledge toward developing a firebreathing RISC chip for the calcs, with onboard logic (keyboard decoding, LCD) to cut costs...ah, well.

     21 September 1999, 08:13 GMT

Re: Re: Zilog Re-does Z80 - eZ80 Announced
Nick Chaves  Account Info
(Web Page)

I don't know very much about processors, but one of the things that makes this relevant to the TI world here is that, to quote Dimension TI,
"TI-Assembly programmers may want to take a look at this article too: that programming ability just may be useful beyond calculators."
So maybe this has more to do with what all the Z80 assembly programmers out there can do with it, than with a processor that could be used in calculators.

That's just my 1 cent.

Nick Chaves

     22 September 1999, 02:48 GMT

Re: Re: Zilog Re-does Z80 - eZ80 Announced

Oops. I guess I should have read your post before replying above...

Tip DS

     25 September 1999, 05:07 GMT

Re: Zilog Re-does Z80 - eZ80 Announced
Chris Phelps  Account Info
(Web Page)

While this new precessor may be used in calculators some time in the future, chances are that none of us will ever live to see it. TI is a smart company that is out to make money, not provide the best calculating power. The most important feature of note for this new chip is that it is (apparently) 100% compatible with z80 code. That means that there is no need to port stuff, just recompile and its all good. The other important feature is the addressing space. All the z80 asm programmers out there know what im talking about! Who wants to manually switch in 16 different rom and 8 ram pages on something like the 86. More addressing space would definatly be a plus for us lowly programmers.

Just so everyone knows, TI says "There isnt going to be a TI-86+"

--Just my $2.99

     23 September 1999, 20:08 GMT

Dan_the_Tuba_Man  Account Info

That comment was at least 50 cents, not 2.99 :)

     24 September 1999, 04:32 GMT

Re: Pish-POSH
ferich  Account Info

You're right. $2.99 is at least 50 cents.

     29 September 1999, 21:55 GMT

Re: Zilog Re-does Z80 - eZ80 Announced
(Web Page)

To everyone out there who is pissed at me....I'm sorry, for being such a jerk ass the last few days. I have been going through some stress and would like to apologize. Sorry guys.

     24 September 1999, 06:51 GMT

Re: Re: Zilog Re-does Z80 - eZ80 Announced
ferich  Account Info

you could also cut out all the obscenities. That would help, even in an apology. :)


     29 September 1999, 21:56 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Zilog Re-does Z80 - eZ80 Announced
(Web Page)

shut the fuck up you little pussy ass bitch

     11 December 1999, 19:36 GMT
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