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April 1999 POTM Results
Posted by Andy on 14 May 1999, 03:38 GMT

Votes tabulated at Fri May 14 01:31:29 1999

Short DescriptionVotesPercent
* [Ash 3.0+] Safe-T-Calc v2.135100.00%
Short DescriptionVotesPercent
Hexing v2.06 19.35%
Life v1.112 38.71%
* Piano 8313 41.94%
Short DescriptionVotesPercent
* Orzunoid v7.026 72.22%
[Usgard 1.5+] Scrappy v1.01 2.78%
[Usgard 1.5+] Street Wars!9 25.00%
Short DescriptionVotesPercent
Drugwars 86 v2.118 36.00%
MSE v3.510 20.00%
Space Game Demo3 6.00%
* Zap-2000 v.7219 38.00%
Short DescriptionVotesPercent
Bomber Boy v.40 Beta7 11.48%
MegaCar v1.2.14 6.56%
* Street Fighter II v0.18 Beta28 45.90%
Super Mario Quest v0.9.922 36.07%
Short DescriptionVotesPercent
Find it ! v1.06 13.04%
* Super Mario Quest v0.9.940 86.96%
Computer Utilities
Short DescriptionVotesPercent
Hyperion Compiler4 6.56%
TI GrayImage v3.59 14.75%
* Virtual TI v2.0 Alpha 448 78.69%
Short DescriptionVotesPercent
3-D Calendar8 16.67%
LaPlace & Differential Equation Solvers8 16.67%
P.W. Yatzy0 0.00%
PSI Math Tools v1.517 14.58%
* Quest Customizable Game Engine13 27.08%
Resident Evil v1.012 25.00%

* Denotes Winner


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Re: April 1999 POTM Results

Long live SF2T!!!

     14 May 1999, 07:27 GMT

Re: April 1999 POTM Results
Red Picasso
(Web Page)

I can't belive only one 82ASM program was voted for!!! Is Safe-T-Calc really that good?!

     14 May 1999, 11:26 GMT

Re: Re: April 1999 POTM Results

Ummm.. It was the only program nominated, if you looked at the voting chart. Does nominating only one program seem stupid to anybody else?

     14 May 1999, 14:57 GMT

Re: Re: Re: April 1999 POTM Results

assuming that the nominations are generated from download statistics, maybe it was the only program downloaded.

     14 May 1999, 19:41 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: April 1999 POTM Results

is it really done by download stats? I thought the archiver nominated the POTM candidates.

     16 May 1999, 17:35 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: April 1999 POTM Results
David Hall
(Web Page)

They do it on how good the name sounds.

     21 May 1999, 12:34 GMT

Re: April 1999 POTM Results
Jim "The Man" Meyerholz

I can't believe that Street Fighter II didn't get all the votes! And I can't believe that Resident Evil didn't get more than it did!

     14 May 1999, 13:20 GMT

Re: Re: April 1999 POTM Results
Mike Tussey
(Web Page)

Hey, I'm glad it got as many as it did! Second place isn't too bad.

     14 May 1999, 16:26 GMT

Vote for 3-D Calander

hey fellow programmers, vote for a basic program that is a unique program not found anywhere, in other words vote for 3-d calander!!!!!!1

     14 May 1999, 18:31 GMT

Re: April 1999 POTM Results
Daniel Martini

It's just too sad that a very useful program like
Laplace89 ends only at the fourth place in its
category. I find that all the asm games around
are just a waste of time. I guess developing a game might be a challenging task for the authors
but please, just playing those little games is
totally a different story. Solving an inverse laplace transform with few fingertips is something
which makes you think your calculator was worth the purchase. If I liked those tiny games I guess
I would rather buy a Gameboy. Sorry for my bad English.

     14 May 1999, 21:46 GMT

Re: Re: April 1999 POTM Results
Bond. James Bond

Shaken, not stirred.

     14 May 1999, 22:01 GMT

Re: Re: April 1999 POTM Results
Fred C.
(Web Page)

I agree. There should be a separate catagory for misc programs, since there's no way they can compete with games, but they do deserve SOME credit for making something somewhat useful

     18 May 1999, 21:01 GMT

Re: April 1999 POTM Results
adam b
(Web Page)

Not to be critical, but my game Trapped for the TI-83 in ASM was not on the voting list - with hardly any games coming out recently, it might have had a chance of winning. Does somebody have to nominate it or what???

     15 May 1999, 17:34 GMT

Re: Re: April 1999 POTM Results
David Hall
(Web Page)

I agree. I would have voted for it :)

     21 May 1999, 12:38 GMT

Re: April 1999 POTM Results
LeRoy Bailey

What is Piano 83? I have never heard of it. I am a real fanatic about these caculators, but unless this is suppose to be a music program, this is unheard of. (Oh, and don't think of craacking on me because I don't know. You can have any type of device, but if I catch you, I hunt you down easily and destroy your computer from the inside{which is all that really matters about a computer anyway})

     17 May 1999, 22:30 GMT

Re: April 1999 POTM Results

Bomber89 RULES!!! It is a rockin game! I'm suprized it lost!

     18 May 1999, 04:07 GMT
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