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Program Ideas eliminated
Posted on 14 March 1999, 01:12 GMT

The Program Ideas section, what used to be part of our Services section, has been eliminated. There were two reasons for this. First of all, many times people would add ideas without thinking about or knowing how possible they were, and this made the list very cluttered. Secondly, hardly any programmers took the time to look through the 68KB list of ideas. However, the Buy and Sell section, Other Sites list, and Upcoming Programs section are all still alive and well.


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Re: Program Ideas eliminated

how about putting the hosted sites in some section so people have an easier time finding them?

     14 March 1999, 19:29 GMT

Re: Re: Program Ideas eliminated

Thanks for the suggestion. We'll have a section with links to our hosted sites very soon.


     14 March 1999, 21:58 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Program Ideas eliminated
some person

Hey, that was a pretty good suggestion, and I had wondered that myself when I wanted to see all the hosted sites ticalc had but I didnt know where to look. I hadnt said anything about it, myself, because I wouldnt know who to tell, and they prolly wouldnt respond or do anything about it anyways. Well whatever, I think ticalc.org is on its way down...

     14 March 1999, 23:13 GMT

Re: Program Ideas eliminated
(Web Page)

People, Get Off The Subject Of That Stupid This With Brian. I Don't Care What You Think, but This Is Not The Place To Voice Your Opinion. (heh heh) I Have Checked The Programming Ideas Site Often, But I Think It Should Be Located Within The Archives Instead Of Somewhere Else. That Way People Would See It More Often. It Would Be Alot Better If TiCalc.org Would Also Start A New List, And Maybe Have Someone Read The Ideas to Make Sure That They Don't Get Too Close. The Idea Should Be Deleted As The Program Come Out Too. The Last List had Programs On It That Have Long Be Out And Done With. Also I Think That TiCalc.org Should Make It easier For Themselves By doing The Following:
1) Make A Whole Seperate Page, Easy To Find, That Would Have Program Submissions.
2) Have Little Check-Boxes For The calculator Type, And The Programming Language.
3) Have A Boc For The Submitter's Name, And The Proposed Program's Name.
4) Finally, Have A BRIEF Discription Box Where The Submitter Can Write A Discription About The Program. (Duh!)
Then under The Archives Page, Have Things Such As:
Ti-86 BASIC | Ti-86 Assembly | Ti-86 Programming Ideas. People, This Isn't Rocket Science.

     14 March 1999, 23:31 GMT


this is a little off-topic, but if you just browse ticalc.org, i doubt you would have known that smq v0.9.6 is out. just a little example.


     15 March 1999, 03:30 GMT

Re: news

I wonder when the new version of the level editor will be out - you cant add bullets :(

     15 March 1999, 06:58 GMT
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