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Yoshi v1.0 released
Posted on 23 December 1998, 18:51 GMT

[Yoshi Screenshot]

Brandon Sterner, a member of TCPA (TI Calculator Programming Alliance), has released Yoshi v1.0 (SOS) for the TI-83. Tim Anderson and Miles Raymond designed the graphics for the game. Yoshi was originally a NES and Gameboy game and is similar, in some ways, to Tetris. Yoshi will be ported to the TI-82, TI-85, and TI-86 in the future. Some other games currently being developed by TCPA include Pong, Centipede, Asteroids, and Battleship.


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Where do I get ZLIB?
Mark Slade
(Web Page)

I really want to play this game!! The only problem is that I can't where ZLIB is! You people should put it in the zip file to make it easier. So, can someone tell me where ZLIB is?


     31 December 1998, 22:45 GMT

Re: Where do I get ZLIB?
Mark Slade
(Web Page)

Never mind, I found it!!



     31 December 1998, 22:57 GMT

Re: Yoshi v1.0 released
Never Mind

Never mind i found it.

     18 February 1999, 23:19 GMT
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