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Monolith project closes
Posted on 7 December 1998, 06:40 GMT

The Monolith project has been closed. The has project experienced huge growth and encountered many technical and organizational problems. As a result, the project was unable to continue in its current state. The DYNDNS (*.DYN.ML.ORG) project, which has been down for many weeks, will not be brought back up. The ATHOME (*.HOME.ML.ORG and *.BASE.ORG) project will continue for another week or two, but then it too will be shutdown. The FREED (*.ML.ORG) project is still running and Monolith is trying to contract it out to another provider. Check out the following links below for more information on the shutdown:

This will have some negative effects on the TI community, since a great number of TI web pages use Monolith's services for their primary URL. One such example is the Defiance website which used to be defiance3d.dyn.ml.org. You can now access this site at We will soon be cleaning out sites in the Other Sites section that no longer work because of the Monolith shutdown.


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Re: Monolith project closes

Hmmmm...wonder if that's going to affect Dimension TI...

     7 December 1998, 07:22 GMT

Re: Re: Monolith project closes
Adam Berlinsky-Schine
(Web Page)

Most likely, it wont. We use the FREED project, which is likely to stay up. Even if it does stop, we have other arrangements.

     7 December 1998, 13:40 GMT

Re: Monolith project closes
Nathan Haines
(Web Page)

This sure is inconvenient! I mean, I can understand them closing, but one week's notice for the AT HOME project just seems kind of... well, short. :) I've already updated my website, but...

Luckily, since i didn't use the URL masking feature, anyone who bookmarked my page will have the correct URL. Too bad, the home.ml.org URL sure does sound a lot more professional!

I'll have to find another relocater, I suppose. What are some good ones?

     7 December 1998, 18:59 GMT

Re: Re: Monolith project closes

ML is (was) the only one

     7 December 1998, 23:40 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Monolith project closes
Jeff Min
(Web Page)

Try going to www.cjb.net. Their format is xxx.cjb.net like my site (above). It's pretty cool (and free), but it's not as fully featured as ML was (no site masking). It's simply a shortcut to your main page. They only ask that you mention them on your site.

     8 December 1998, 00:56 GMT

Re: Re: Monolith project closes
(Web Page)

One of the most popular ones is the http://come.to/ service, where your URL is http://come.to/yoursitename.
They also have things like http://surf.to/, http://welcome.to/, etc...


     8 December 1998, 03:55 GMT

Re: Monolith project closes
(Web Page)

WOW, they featured my site!


     7 December 1998, 21:15 GMT

Re: Monolith project closes
(Web Page)

The French Site http://ti92.base.org is still working. They will try to keep the AT HOME (*.base.org *.ml.org).
But if they close, you can go to a mirror of this site at http://come.to/ti92

Merci a tous les programmeurs Francais !!!

     8 December 1998, 01:17 GMT

Get your facts straight ticalc!
Shaun (Emp) McCormick
(Web Page)

No, only these are shutting down:
*.base.org (If you donated, yours will be kept up until 1999 or the project is transferred)
*.home.ml.org (If you donated, yours will be kept up until 1999 or the project is transferred)

These will stay unless the server crashes:

Someone didn't do their homework ;)

     10 December 1998, 00:26 GMT

Re: Monolith project closes
(Web Page)

Here is a good place to find virtual domains:

Hope this is of great help to all of yall. And please visit my new site! (http://www.clanworld.org/egn)

     14 December 1998, 04:25 GMT

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