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Z80 Assembly Coders
Posted on 24 October 1998, 01:56 GMT

The Z80 Assembly Coders, a TI assembly programming group that will focus on the Z80 microprocessor, was founded by Will Dempster. They plan on writing numerous programs for the TI-82, TI-83, TI-85, and TI-86. A website is currently under development at http://members.xoom.com/z80asm/ which will soon move to their newly registered domain name at http://www.zed80asm.org. The current members are:


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What we''re all about
Will Dempster
(Web Page)

Well here is a little clarifaction about this organization. We are going to try and play around with the TI-73 and other calculators. We might choose to write some intelligent articles on advanced functions of asm that a couple of our members know. I mean we might write a few lessons on the basics, but just to get people started, i mean you can't just jump into advanced stuff without knowing the basics first. But we also plan on releasing and commenting every line of our source code because we believe that looking at source code is the best way to learn asm. You really get the feel for what the comments do. Maybe we'll even write a toutorial on interperatting source code. But anyway, we will be coding for the 82,83,85,86, and possibly the 73 if it is hacked. Just thought id tell you a little more about Z80AC....


     24 October 1998, 14:12 GMT

Re: What we''re all about
Jason K.

Hey, I think those are all very great ideals and should be very helpful... =) Do you have any projects planned, or you were just like, "hey lets get together and and this is what we hope to do..."? Also, about commenting source code, I have a comment about that... Ive noticed that people, and myself, just simply describe what that One command line does, and sometimes thats not helpful at all. I've always tried to explain my Purpose of it, so someone could pick it up if they were going through the source... Although, I've found it hard to explain stuff in one, maybe two lines of comments after the ";" so Im proposing that at the beginning of everyone's source code, you give the general idea of whats going on in your code, more like the big picture... =P

     24 October 1998, 19:54 GMT

Re: Re: What we''re all about
Will Dempter
(Web Page)

In response to your comment, i will tell you what we have in store. Right now we have projects planned for the TI-86 and the TI-82. With the addition of some additional expertice on the TI-83 and TI-85 calculators we should be pumping out a serious load of games, programs, and routines in about a week or so. Some things we have planned are: A GUI on the TI-86, an RPG on the TI-86 and other misc. routines for the TI-82. As a group, the TI-82 experts and myself are going to try and figure out a good grayscale routine for the TI-82 as well, to enhance the graphics of TI-82 assembly games. Efforts will still be minorly geered towards our old programs such as DelWiz86 and OSE. Any more questions about what we are going to do? Please either visit the PUDs page within a week or so to see what our members are working on....


     24 October 1998, 21:39 GMT

Re: Re: What we''re all about
Matthew Bledsoe

I agree with you on this. Also another good way to commment is, like you said, give the general idea at the beginning, then at the important labels describe what will be happening in that particular block. This is often done with custom routines that the programmer made that could possibly be used by other people, such as Jimmy Mardell's Random number routine. And of course you also comment the indivdual lines breaking it down even more.

     25 October 1998, 02:36 GMT

Re: Z80 Assembly Coders
Jonathan Kaus

You guys are talking about source code commenting?

Well, you are going to _love_ some source i'll be releasing in a week or so. It is the for the Ti-85 and asm. Sort of like the WINLIB thing, excect you dont need usgard,a lib, and i am inlcuding the source. its not quite as eleborate as the winlib, but should be useful.

right now, i am coding it and so far, of about 12K source file (im not done yet, but you get the idea) about 9k is comments. :) hehe

have fun when its released.

it uses some pretty interesting ideas to implement menutext word wrapping and stuff.

--Jonathan Kaus

     27 October 1998, 02:44 GMT

Re: Z80 Assembly Coders
Rob Hornick

Hey, you know what I'd really like to see from a Z80 coding group? An ASM shell for the TI-82 (like CrASH) that could execute BASIC programs as well (I have one or two BASIC progs I use all the time and it is a pain to scroll down through lists of programs).

     29 October 1998, 00:50 GMT
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