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Award winners
Posted on 16 October 1998, 07:43 GMT

I, Bryan Rabeler, have been very busy the last few weeks and was unable to get an issue of the newsletter out. If this continues, as I expect, I will seek out someone else to continue the newsletter in my place.

Since no newsletter was published, here are the winners of the Program of the Week award for the past few weeks.

[ticalc.org Program of the Week]

  • Week of 20 September 1998
    • Assembly: uChip8 v0.1 (TI-85)
    • BASIC: Periodic (TI-83)
  • Week of 27 September 1998
    • Assembly: Mini-Shell Enhanced v1.4 (TI-86)
    • BASIC: TI-VEX (TI-89)
    • Computer Utilities: Assembly Studio v3.0a
  • Week of 4 October 1998
    • Assembly: Mario92 v2.0 (TI-92)
    • BASIC: Arkanoid v1.0 (TI-89)

Here are the results from the Program of the Month voting for September.

[ticalc.org Program of the Month]

  • Assembly
    • 62.0% - Maze-3D (TI-86)
    • 20.3% - uChip8 v0.1 (TI-85)
    • 17.7% - MegaCar v1.0 (TI-92)
    • 43.7% - Quake (TI-83)
    • 35.2% - PRIME5 (TI-85)
    • 21.1% - Periodic (TI-83)

IVIEW95 v2.7 won the Program of the Month award in the Computer Utilities category since it was the only weekly winner in that category.

Congratulations to all the winners!


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Re: Award winners

(Web Page)

Will there be a newsletter this week?

     16 October 1998, 22:26 GMT

Re: Re: Award winners
Eric Sun
(Web Page)

There hasn't been one for over a month...more would probably get done here if more than 1 person was actually doing something....

     23 October 1998, 00:38 GMT

Re: Award winners
Daren Ho
(Web Page)

What's PRIME5?

     17 October 1998, 01:16 GMT

J Dog

PRIME5 is a math prog designed for the 85 (but also runs on the 86) to determine the primality of a number. if the number is prime, it says so. if the number isnt prime, it gives the smallest factor. very fast prog. the fastest for what it does.

     17 October 1998, 07:27 GMT

(Web Page)

Hello. :-D I programmed PRIME5. Actually now PRIME6, because I updated it. "J Dog" is correct. However, on the TI-86, it runs slower because TI-86s are intrinsicially slower. My friend JMO found one stupid bug in PRIME6B and PRIME6BD (different versions of PRIME6) that I'll correct soon when I have the time. Any numbers with factors of 2,3,5, or 7 are reported as having a factor of 1. D'oh! PRIME6 and PRIME6D do not suffer from the bug. I will continue to update and improve it.

     18 October 1998, 07:06 GMT

Re: Award winners
(Web Page)

Why has everything gotten so slow and boring at ticalc.org?

     18 October 1998, 19:05 GMT

Re: Award winners

Maze 3D rules. Does anyone know when "Infinity" is coming out using the Maze 3D engine? It looks to be an awesome game!!

     18 October 1998, 21:45 GMT

Re: Re: Award winners

Infinity is an alternate name for Maze-3D

     19 October 1998, 02:59 GMT

Re: Award winners

Hey, I just visited the much talked about "upcoming programs" section.. and was sadly disappointed.. i was wondering, if it continues to have no programs listed in it (ie. the Ti-86 has only ONE prog under development listed), will it be taken down? I mean, i think that ti-files has you beat in this area.. :)

     18 October 1998, 22:14 GMT

Re: Re: Award winners

All I see in the phile's PUD's section for the 86 are mostly BASIC prog's that aren't worth my valuable time.

     18 October 1998, 23:33 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Award winners

Yeah, the (Pedi)Philes run a crappy PUD section. It's hardly ever updated. And the updates are all crap that are probably all fakes that PUD dude thinks up to make his section look good.

     19 October 1998, 00:16 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Award winners
Someone tired of Flames

ENOUGH with the site bashing! If YOU think it's bad YOU do a better job!!!!!!

     19 October 1998, 00:56 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Award winners

(Web Page)

I would, but I need the root password to the phile's site, until then, no can do...

     19 October 1998, 01:24 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Award winners

that can be hard as the losers don't even run unix

     19 October 1998, 05:40 GMT

SPUIs will rule the world!

Sorry, wanted to put this in the Philes one, but that wouldn't load all the way.

The PUDs and maybe other sections are still on the old server! What a gyp!

     20 October 1998, 03:40 GMT

Re: Award winners
Eugene Talagrand

Where to download these programs?

     20 October 1998, 17:17 GMT

Re: Award winners

I think Maze 3D is a excellant asm program for the TI-86, by MikeGuy81

     24 October 1998, 20:29 GMT

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