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ticalc.org Mentioned in San Francisco Chronicle
Posted on 18 August 1998, 21:50 GMT

The San Francisco Chronicle has published an article about buying a graphing calculator in the Technology Section of their newspaper. In the article, this site is mentioned as a supporter of TI graphing calculators. This marks the first time ticalc.org has gotten printed media attention -- and hopefully not the last!


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Re: Ticalc.org Mentioned in San Fransisco Chronicle (TI-Files)
Adam Berlinsky-Schine
(Web Page)

Children, children... Why must everything posted in this news system become a battle between ticalc.org and TI-Files? Now, obviously people know about TI-files, since EVERY ENTRY POSTED IN THESE ARCHIVES makes fun of it ("They can't help it if no one knows they exist." - Killbat). It seems to me that since the San Fransisco Chronicle interviewed Andy Selle, a member of ticalc.org, it is only right that it mentions ticalc.org and not TI-Files. If they had interviewed me and not Andy, then it should mention TI-files. You may note that it only mentions ticalc.org as the site that Andy Selle works for, it is not an article praising ticalc.org. Maybe I'm not the one who should be settling this kind of dispute, but I wish everyone would stop arguing over the two sites for no reason.

     19 August 1998, 08:16 GMT

Re: Re: Ticalc.org Mentioned in San Fransisco Chronicle (TI-Files)
Magnus Hagander
(Web Page)

For those articles in this thread talking about which site is better, I have to say this was by far the best one. I really appreciate that it comes from a member of the Files - shows that there really is no fight...<BR>
Everybody - lets cut out the ticalc.org vs Ti-Files fights!

     19 August 1998, 17:49 GMT

Re: Ticalc.org Mentioned in San Fransisco Chronicle
Jonathan Chum
(Web Page)

Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't it say somewhere on this page "Especially no posts relating to web site competition." It seems that everyone is putting down ti-files here, but how would you know ti-files stinks now unless you visit their site right? That means both hit counters on ticalc.org and ti-files are going up because of you am I right? I think we should keep to ourselves about this who is better. If you gonna post something crazy like this, why not do somewhere else! You don't want reporters coming and visiting the site to see that there is some sort of competition going on.

     19 August 1998, 17:40 GMT

Re: Re: Ticalc.org Mentioned in San Fransisco Chronicle
Jonathan Chum
(Web Page)

BTW: Has anyone visited their site today? Their sites looks much better now... =)

     19 August 1998, 17:52 GMT

Re: TI-Files vs. ticalc.org

Once again, we don't want anti-competition comments in here.

However, there is a good way to express your opinion. Vote with your browser -- if you think a site sucks, don't visit it. If you like it, keep coming back. And if you like multiple sites, visit them all.

     19 August 1998, 18:28 GMT

Re: Ticalc.org Mentioned in San Francisco Chronicle
Ken R
(Web Page)

hey i found ti-files before i found ticalc that says something i think but i visit both sites at least 1 a day so dont get bent out of shape

     19 August 1998, 19:23 GMT

TI-Files vs ticalc.org =)

Okay, the both rule. Regardless of who smacks the other guy last, they are both kick ass sites and they both rule the calc-web in their own little gay ways...

     19 August 1998, 22:46 GMT

Re: Ticalc.org Mentioned in San Francisco Chronicle
(Web Page)

they have a few errors in the article... for instance they say that the step up from the 80 is the 83..

(PS tifiles has plenty of cool stuff ticalc.org doesn't including screenshots on most games, including the old ones, they also have the much needed PUDs section so you can find out what's coming out without being subscribed to a TI-xxASM mailing lists)


     20 August 1998, 01:52 GMT
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