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Review by  Hieu-Trung Le
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 9/10 Won't get bored easily.
Controls: 10/10 Very Easy.
Implementation: 8/10 Graphics are good too.
Overall: 8/10 Good, but you don't do much in it.

Avalanche is a game in which you control a little guy at the bottom of the screen trying to avoid the falling ice pieces hitting you. The controls are very simple since all you do is move the guy by using the left or right arrow. At the edge of the screen you can go to the other side too.

The graphics to this game are good. The little guy is a stick figure and the falling ices bricks look like triangles. With the new features, now you can set the speed in which how fast the ice bricks fall. Unlike the old version, the ice bricks fall too fast for any beginner to react. So now the game is easier for beginners to play.

This game is good to play since it doesn't require much time before you get hit by the falling ice bricks. It is a simple game that won't get you bored.

Review by  Alex Grant
Reviewed on 2004-03-24
Here it is, the game that probably started more spin-offs than any other game for the TI-83+, and none of them as good as the original. The screenshot above is from an old version of the game; it now has a simple menu system instead of just throwing you right into the game, and you can choose between two different speeds in case you have slow reflexes. ;-)

In case the screenshot doesn't tell you what it's basically about, you have to move your little guy back and forth along the bottom of the screen, dodging killer spikes that constantly fall at you in random patterns. The graphics are such that you can tell when a spike is about to fall at you, and thus you can more easily plan out your "safe spots" ahead of time. There's not much more to it than that; just dodge the spikes until you get hit by one, at which point you're given a score that represents how many frames you stayed alive for (your mileage may vary, but usually a frame is around 1/30 of a second).

Scoring is typical of most small, coffee-break games, using a single nameless high score place, so it's best played amongst small groups of friends who can easily remember who got the highest score. Sadly, there's just the one high score place for both speed levels, so you can quickly and easily beat your friends' high scores by simply switching the speed to 2 while they're not looking. Combine that with the fact that there's no easy way to reset the high score other than reinstalling the game, and the high score slot becomes rather useless.

Fun Level: Medium-High
Replayability: Not a Whole Lot
Addictiveness: Par for the Course
Annoyances: Just a Few
Final Score: A nice quick game to entertain you for a minute or two, be it during a lunch break or a boring math class.

Review by  Matt M
Reviewed on 2004-01-27
"Avalanche" started a slew of unwanted games. So many people have tried to rip off this game. However, none of the copies come close to the uniqueness of the original.

Let me be honest. This game's graphics suck. You have icicles falling at your little stick man. Whoa! Someone spent a lot of time on the sprites for this one. :)

The screen shot says it all. All you do in this game is dodge icicles. It is impossible to win. You just attempt to beat the high score. You will always inevitably die.

This is entertaining for awhile, but it gets really old, really fast. "Avalanche" is fun for awhile, but then you want to delete it. However, its memory is so small that you might as well keep it on your calc. It's a fun 30 second game to play. A lot like "Fall Down". The controls are simple. Move back and forth. Move back and forth. Move back and forth. You get the picture. Not a whole lot of explanation required.

"Avalanche" is fun for short, pointless seconds of life (or class time) that you need to waste. Although it gets old after consecutive play, it's fun to pull out and play every once in a while. Go ahead. Download it. It's a lot better than all the other wannabe games like it! :)

"Avalanche" gets a 5/10. :)

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