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DoorsOS Final Beta 2


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Filename doorsosfb2.zip (Download)
Title DoorsOS Final Beta 2
Description Doors OS is a kernel which will allow the execution of assembly programs on your TI 89 or TI 92 Plus. In fact it actually extends the built-in assembly support of the calculator.
Author Xavier Vassor (xvassor@mail.dotcom.fr)
Category TI-89 Assembly Shells (Out-of-date)
File Size 113,257 bytes
File Date and Time Sat Jul 17 01:06:04 1999
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? No



Review by  Erich Oelschlegel
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Suitability: 10/10 Great for the job.
Ease-Of-Use: 9/10 A menued interface, simple layout.
Overall: 10/10 Feature-rich, a must for all 89ers.

Doors OS is a shell with a simple design for the TI-89. Of all the shells available for the 89, this one is the most feature-rich and offers a variety of customization options. Similar to the VAR-LINK menu in the built in OS, Doors OS surpasses it even in functions. It can do all the basic functions of the VAR-LINK menu (create folders, copy, move) with the exception of linking two calculators, and it does them better. It provides icons for common file types and shows the libraries needed to run each file. To save RAM space, there are two options available. It has a built-in (un)archiver as well as a compression program to "zip" your files. It displays free ram in the top corner and program description (if available) in the bottom status bar.

Navigating Doors OS is fairly easy with the cursor buttons, and hotkeys are standard. Although learning all of the hotkeys is tedious, all of the menu items are available with the push of two buttons at minimum, and pressing a letter key will bring you to the closest file match starting with that letter. One of the hotkeys is a special password-protected shutdown, where if a person tries to turn it back on, he is surprised with a cool-looking request for the "Doorspass." Failure to enter it correctly (or not enter it at all) results in turning the calculator off.

Of all the features in this build, it simply surpasses all other shells. It has a great SDK packaged in the ZIP, and its libraries make repetitive tasks easy and programs smaller.


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Archive Contents
Name Size
Doc/Doorspic.txt   921
Doc/Doors-Explorer.txt   17041
Doc/DoorsOS.txt   17233
DOORS.89Z   8309
Doorsf.89z   8461
Userlibf.9xz   2869
Doorsf.9xz   8513
Userlibf.89z   2869
VIEWEXPR.89Z   443
DOORSPIC.89Z   307
FILELIB.89Z   2499
GRAPHLIB.89Z   2341
HEXLIB.89Z   437
HUFFLIB.89Z   665
linelib.89z   335
UNINSTAL.89Z   253
USERLIB.89Z   2857
DOORSOS.89Z   11341
ziplib.89z   5273
ziplib.9xz   5273
DOORSOS.9XZ   11341
FILELIB.9XZ   2499
HEXLIB.9XZ   437
USERLIB.9XZ   2857
DOORS.9XZ   8325
ZIPER.EXE   66200
linelib.9xz   335

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