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Review by  Pierre Lebeaupin
Reviewed on 2015-05-06
OK, everybody knows Bomberman, where you control a little guy leaving bombs that blast everything (inlcuding you, if you are not careful) in the four compass direction, and who must use this capability to kill the enemies in the maze? Well, this TI-89 version is top-notch. Grayscale, smooth graphics, perfect controls, bombs which behave exactly as you would expect from a Bomberman game, powerups such as additional bombs, higher blast distance, the ability to go through bombs, manually triggered explosions (and more, since I did not go very far), it's all there (well, minus the music…).

The only limitation of this review is that I am not very good at Bomberman in general and so only got up to level 4, so I can't tell you if it keeps being good beyond that, but I am sure it does. Highly recommended.

★★★★★ (5/5)

(reviewed on a TI-89 HW1 AMS 1.00 with DoorsOS 0.98)

Review by  Erich Oelschlegel
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 10/10 Very addicting.
Controls: 10/10 Keeps the control up top.
Implementation: 10/10 Outstanding graphics!
Overall: 10/10 Need I say more?

Bigdyna is a well-made game. Compared to other games like it (Bomber Boy), it blows them all away. With grayscale graphics, huge sprites, realtime movement, and power-ups, this game will destroy all others. Bigdyna is a game where you place bombs to take out enemies and bust through walls. The object of the game is to kill all of the enemies and find the exit. Throughout the level, there might be special blocks that, if destroyed, spit out a power-up that you can grab and keep until the game is over. These include extra lives, extra bombs, and bigger explosions. The downfalls I find in this game is its size and the difficulty. Some of the enemies move through walls and such, and pop out of nowhere randomly. But they do not take away from the game. If you have the room on your calculator, download this game. It's well worth it.

Review by  Adam Palmer
Reviewed on 2004-10-17
Attention span: 8/10 I'll play it more than once.
Controls: 10/10 Couldn't be better.
Implementation: 9/10 Great! Need's high scores.
Overall: 10/10 Another classic in the making.

Every time I play this game, it becomes harder and harder to think of this game as only a beta version of something better. How exactly could it get much better than this!? Well, the only thing left is to include some way to keep track of score, possibly more options, more of a general background for the game, etc.

It's a great game. It's got super smooth gameplay and the latest version even includes a monochrome version for those of us who just want speed. Lots of enemies, several different power-ups, and great graphics make this game top notch.

There is, however, one tiny little bug. Upon exiting the game, the calculator for some reason or other starts the game back up again in DoorsOS. It's really nothing that can't be fixed.

Overall, in the ongoing BigDyna vs. BomberBoy, I think that recently BigDyna is squishing BomberBoy. Ironic isn't it? BomberBoy takes up a HUMONGOUS amount of ram while BIGdyna takes up about 35k, a mediocre amount of space rather insignificant to the quality of the game.

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