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Diamonds v0.5


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Filename diamonds.zip (Download)
Title Diamonds v0.5
Description The blocks with a cross in them kill you. The blocks that are half black with a pattern change the type of diamond you can get to that pattern. The diamonds with the thin border you must get first or lose a life to get. The diamonds with the thick border you must get last. The mostly black blocks with a few dots do nothing except stop the ball from going in that direction. The blocks with the two arrows switches the direction that the arrow keys move the ball. Lastly, there are lock and key blocks; you must get the key before you can get the lock (you can only have one key at a time).
Author Joe Wingbermuehle (joewing@calc.org)
Category TI-89 Assembly Games (Kernel)
File Size 6,002 bytes
File Date and Time Thu Mar 23 01:19:11 2000
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



Review by  Jonah Cohen
Reviewed on 2004-11-21
Attention span: 9/10 You'll play it a lot. It doesn't get boring fast.
Controls: 8/10 Right and left move the ball, not much else to it. A pause button would be nice, though.
Implementation: 9/10 A very good game of diamonds.
Overall: 9/10 A very addicting game, which isn't very big.

Diamonds v0.4 is a breakout-like game with a twist: you control the ball. Instead of moving a paddle to hit a ball, you move the ball right and left to get certain diamonds. The objective of the game is to hit all the diamonds in as quick a time as possible. However, there are different types of diamonds, and some may kill, while others require you to hit other blocks beforehand. There is a timed bonus, so if you do it quick enough, you get bonus points. The game has a fifteen level external set which comes with the game. In addition to being able to start on any level, there is also speed control and a high score with initials.

For a beta, this game is very well made. The speed control allows both beginners and experienced diamonds players to have some fun. The only bug that I've found is that the only way to actually play the fifteenth level is to go to 1 and hit down (beating 14 or hitting up at 14 puts you at 1 again).

I do have a couple complaints about the levels, though. Level 8 requires at least 4 lives in order to beat, because diamonds that you need to get are placed directly next to killer diamonds. As far as I can tell, this sacrifice is unavoidable. Level 10 is similar, though it only costs you one life, whereas level 8 costs you three.

Despite the fact that a couple levels are annoying, this is a very fun game. It is a good variation for breakout fans, and doesn't get boring very quickly.


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