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Review by  Kirk Meyer
Reviewed on 2004-11-02
Attention span: 8/10 Fairly good. I imagine that once you beat all of the built-in levels that you will become bored. A randomizer would help this greatly.
Controls: 8/10 Cycling through all of your options can be fatal (literally) if you don't get to what you need in time.
Implementation: 10/10 Truly awesome!
Overall: 9/10 This game has a bright future.

Bomberbloke is a remake of the popular game Bomberman. Bomberbloke includes some new features, however, including support for from one to four players! It is in greyscale, and this helps the gameplay quite a bit. It has a very professional start-up menu with loads of options that you can set. Although this release is a "10 Level Preview Version", it is very functional and you will find it well worth the space.

After playing this game for quite a while, I found that it was very entertaining and kept my attention span. The ability to have up to four people compete is a very unique feature that sets this game apart. There are two things that I must complain about, however. The first is that in order to use some of the things that you pick up, you may have to cycle through a long list of stuff, and by then it may be too late (i.e. you lose a life). The second is that I think there should be a randomized level option. Although this could be difficult, I know that SCaBBy can do it if he tries. All around, however, this is a truly awesome game, and it is well worth downloading.

Review by  Morgan Davies
Reviewed on 2004-03-22
Without a doubt this is the best BomberMan style game for any z80 calculator. The only thing keeping me from having this program on my calculator 100% of the time is its size, which is a little steep for me. However I love playing the game. I actually hold a lot of pride in the high score I have made in playing the game.

The game comes with great AI's for the enemies, multi-player mode (up to 4) by linking between two calculators, grayscale, various miscellaneous object that add to the gameplay,15 levels, high score, key changes, in game contrast adjusting and great animations.

The object of the game is to kill all the little monsters by setting bombs in key places that they blow up in the monsters face and not your's. e careful because each monster has it's own personality and some of them are even smart. If I had one program to feature on ticalc.org this would be it. As Thomas Williamson stated....a very underappreciated program. Download it and keep it forever, you may never come across another program like it. Thank you Matthew Shepcar, you are one of the best 86 ASM author's!

Review by  Thomas Williamson
Reviewed on 2004-01-31
This game is GREAT. It's fun, easy to learn, addictive, and looks great. It's true in strategy and concept to the Bomberman series it was based on. Well worth the 13k on your calculator.

Features such as smart monsters (that can see you and follow you) make this game challenging as you go through the levels, and the initial ease of use and attractive interface gets you hooked in the beginning. The game has a few nice "add-on" features as well, such as a custom font.

This, like many TI-86 games these days, is very underappreciated and worth the download!

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