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Brix 83 v0.1 Beta


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Filename brix83.zip (Download)
Title Brix 83 v0.1 Beta
Authors Ahmed El-Helw (ahmed@ticalc.org)
Sam Heald (porter) (samuel.heald@duke.edu)
Category TI-83 Assembly Games (SOS)
File Size 8,910 bytes
File Date and Time Mon Dec 14 02:14:28 1998
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



Review by  Nature Leseul
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 4/10 Six levels. Very easy levels. Yay.
Controls: 6/10 Needs to let you pick up and hold blocks until you drop them.
Implementation: 7/10 Not too bad, except for control problems. This could be good, if someone would just add more levels.
Overall: 6/10 Has potential, but for now, forget it.

Brix is a clone of a DOS puzzler of the same title, featuring a number of blocks which were moved around a screen covered with traps. The object was to make all the blocks disappear by matching pairs. Numerous traps stood in the way, including time limits, screens that turned spontaneously upside-down, and laser beams.

The first few levels and a few features from the original Brix are implemented in this clone. You still move the blocks around and match them, but the first few levels are incredibly easy and aren't likely to challenge you for long. (According to the readme, the author's put the project on hold, and is looking for volunteers to continue the project, so any programmers out there...)

Much of the experience of the DOS version is lacking. Obviously, it doesn't have the pretty colors and music, of course. The graphics are rather blocky and undetailed, making it difficult to tell the difference between immobile platforms and movable blocks. There are also two kinds of lava pits, one which considers a block removed from the level as if matched with another block, and one which simply vaporizes a block, and the two are distinguished on the DOS version by differing colors. They are only distinguished on the TI version by an extra pixel in the tile, which is difficult to notice.

Control is also rather irritating. You have a cursor which you move around to select blocks to move, but you can only move a block one space at a time after picking it up, after which you have to hit 2nd again to pick it up again. Also, wrapping the cursor to the other side of the screen would be useful, especially on the level with the warps.

Brix really is a great game, and I recommend that you try to hunt down the DOS version. (I don't know where you can get it; I got it off a 250 Great Shareware Games CD.) Don't waste your time with Brix83, though; the few levels included really aren't worth the seconds it takes to beat them.


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