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Review by  Miles Raymond
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 9/10 This game is very addictive. I keep wanting to play it, even after I've already beaten the game!
Controls: 9/10 Galaxian uses the standard controls for most games on the TI-83.
Implementation: 7/10 If I were comparing Galaxian to the original Space Invaders, then Galaxian has less graphics and more features.
Overall: 9/10 Galaxian is fast and fun!

Galaxian is a Space Invaders type game where you are a ship on the bottom of the screen and UFOs are coming down to earth. You have to destroy all of the UFOs to win the game and save the earth. As you destroy each ship, more come. The farther you progress in the game, the more ammo it takes to destroy the UFOs.

Galaxian was made with very optimized code. I have seen other Space Invader type games that run very slowly due to the amount of ammunition on the screen. Galaxian does a good job at keeping the speed rather constant. The only noticable drawback is when you fire your cannon really fast. All of the UFOs and their ammo will move a bit slower. This is a good and bad thing. From the programmer's point of view, the game is not constant, and therefore this is bad. From the player's view, you are able to fire more cannon shots, and you have added time to react to the UFOs.

Galaxian also has a laser weapon that destroys all of the UFOs above your ship in it's line-of-fire. The laser works on all of the UFOs except the bosses. You are also able to move up and down over about 1/3 of the height of the screen. One noticable thing that is kind of annoying is when you are hit you don't get a chance to move before you are hit again.

Review by  Rodney Blythe
Reviewed on 2004-05-21
Overall Rating-10/10 Outstanding
Gameplay-10/10 Outstanding
Graphics-9/10 Superb
Speed-10/10 Outstanding
I can say without a doubt that “Galaxian” is my favorite space shooter for the 83's. It has wonderful graphics that have everything short of grayscale. The graphics transition very smoothly at the normal speed. There are many different enemies and levels, so it is always interesting to play. It is a challenging game no doubt, but “Galaxian” is certainly beatable. You have two different levels at your disposal: a normal laser, and a laser that can destroy any space ships in its path. Of course there is a limited amount of the more destructive laser, so use it wisely. This is a classic that is on all calculators I see; it is definitely worth the download! Have Fun and Happy Downloading!

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