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Review by  Spyder Dunlavy
Reviewed on 2018-08-25
This game is my favorite game on the ti-84 plus CE. It is the most fun, and has unlimited fun. I like this because it is just a fun game, and you can make your own levels (using the level editor (a different download)), and have even more fun. I recommend it highly.

Review by  Josiah Rice
Reviewed on 2018-02-02
This is an awesome game. Thank you for uploading this. 11/10 rating. One question though: Why is it called oiram instead of mario?

Review by  Joe Clussman
Reviewed on 2017-01-22
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

+Very good graphics (16-bit SNES level) and speed.

+Good demonstration of hardware capability of TI84+CE.

+Understandable and playable Mario clone sidescroller accessible to anyone.

+Source code and level editor available.

-Sometimes hard crash that causes white screen, have to press reset button on back of calculator that of course clears RAM.

-Wish a hook was written to get out of any potential crash without clearing RAM.

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