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Review by  João Pinto
Reviewed on 2014-02-21
The original game is addicting: this version is "kinda" different, but still very acceptable. To start with, the size of the game, it's big, as you would expect. The game itself isn't bad, the frames are a bit apart from each other, but I can live with that. Props to the dev, great job :D

Review by  S S
Reviewed on 2014-02-18
This game is just like the popular mobile game(and just as frustrating!). It plays just like in the .gif image with that choppy frame-rate. That is the only bad thing I have to say about this game. If the frame-rate can be upped that would be awesome. I realize there isn't much you can do because the TI84+cse is much slower. If someone comes out with a overclocking guide for this calc, the gameplay will improve. overall a great game 9/10 because of frame-rate.

"A must have for any Calc-Gamer."

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