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Review by  Michael F
Reviewed on 2020-11-03
Concept: 10/10 - A web browser... on a calculator.

Implementation: 9/10 - It's obviously been optimized a lot, but its still slow. Still, 9/10 because its on a calculator.

Ease of use: 9/10 - As good as you're going to get on a calculator, with a non-qwerty keyboard.

Originality: 10/10 - A testament to the power of the Global Calcnet and DoorsCS shell.

Features: 11/10 - Even an html parser is a huge achievement. Yeah, sure, it's text only, but it's still awesome.

Ease of use: 9/10 - Judging from the other review, people don't read the readme. The only gripe I have is error checking. If the Calcnet bridge isn't present, it will crash, requiring you to pull a battery. This could be avoided by a check. Or people could just read the documentation.

Overall 10/10 - An awesome program that stretches the limits of what is possible with these ubiquitous mathematical devices.

Review by  Mikhail Gromov
Reviewed on 2013-11-27
I will never download this again. It froze my calc as soon as I launched it, and I couldn't get it unfrozen, so I had to remove the batteries and reset the ram. This is a FAKE!!! I would give it a 1/10, because it is a FAKE.

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