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Final Fantasy Tactics


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Filename fft.zip (Download)
Title Final Fantasy Tactics
Description This is Final Fantasy Tactics for the TI-86. The game took me awhile to do and is very well done so try it out! Personally I think it is the best basic game ever created, but who knows I might have some competition out there. This is still in beta so try it out please and give me feedback and bug reports. If I get good feedback I might create more like this. Thanks! **Game has been updated, previous upload wasn't working**
Author Chidi O (flawlessoz@gmail.com)
Category TI-86 BASIC Games
File Size 69,064 bytes
File Date and Time Thu Jan 13 00:45:37 2011
Documentation Included? Yes



Review by  Nickisai Lang
Reviewed on 2011-06-07
This program seems really good at first when you start and look at the storyline. It has very good character graphics/pictures(best I've ever seen), and very interesting borders that surround the text. I haven't played that many FF games, but the story seems to be original.

Unfortunately, as I was kind of expecting, the gameplay is often too slow. Battles take at least 5 minutes, and probably up to 15 minutes(I wasn't timing).

This game is also really hard. I have never even beaten the first quest.

The tactics in this game aren't enforced enough. I used one of the tactics where you attack from the side for increased accuracy, but the enemy dodged 5/5 times. And then when they tried to attack me head on, they hit me 4/5 times.

The game play is very strategic, but again, these tactics really need to be enforced.

The AI decent, meaning it can go around obstacles in order to get to you, but it's not smart(which is a good thing because the game is hard enough already).

Some of the controls could probably be rearranged. Usually when there are options to which direction to go using a row of keys, it is arranged in this order:


Just see DDR if you still don't understand.

The shop was confusing and should probably use a different system.

The author needs to go through all his programs and either rewrite them or get rid of all the excess. In the "title" program, I could of gotten rid of at least 40 bytes. And that probably doesn't seem like that much, there are 150+ programs, so if you shave 40 off of each, that's 6000 bytes smaller.

Overall this game is very good if you are so patient that you could stand 24 hours outside of a movie theater to get tickets for some good but not top-notch movie.


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FFT/FFT1.86G   41923
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FFT/res/alch.jpg   3901
FFT/res/attrib.html   1687
FFT/res/combat.html   1146
FFT/res/equip.html   2708
FFT/res/jobs.html   7194
FFT/res/ninja.jpg   4237
FFT/res/priest.jpg   4884
FFT/res/soldier.jpg   4210
FFT/res/start.html   1487
FFT/res/summ.jpg   4808
FFT/res/thief.jpg   4076
FFT/res/title.jpg   7015
FFT/res/warrior.jpg   3402
FFT/res/wizard.jpg   3951
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